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From spreadsheets to automated tracking with software asset management

With over 10,000 employees spread across 11 states working at 122 locations, manual processes had begun to slow down operations at this National Bank Holding Company. Software reconciliation was managed via spreadsheets, which existed separately at each location. There was no centralized process to view license compliance, so it was difficult for leaders to get the information they needed to manage spending and risks easily. Audits were painful and time consuming and occupied key resources throughout the process.

To bring our client into the 21st century, Cask worked to implement an Asset Management protocol across the business. In only four months, manual processes became automated and auditable on the ServiceNow platform.

“Just before we came on board, [our client’s] team had completed a very lengthy audit, which took up a lot of time and resources, so they were looking for an asset management solution to be able to help track these items,” Project Manager Katie Lawless said.

Previously, mangers used SharePoint lists and spreadsheets to manage software information, while product owners maintained a separate list of users and allocations. Software entitlements were managed in SharePoint, while allocations were managed separately by product owners. With this process, it was difficult to determine licensing compliance and potential true up costs without engaging infrastructure teams.

“Cask was, and continues to be, very adaptable to our organizational needs. We consider Cask a strategic partner and advisor, if we are off course they are quick to tell us and offer solutions to be suit our needs.”

Executive Sponsor, National Bank Holding Company


Getting to work

As part of the Discovery process, Cask met with leaders from the National Bank Holding Company to discuss pain points and desired outcomes of the SAM implementation.

“It was about understanding what their requirements were, and what primary titles or publishers they wanted to pursue as part of their minimum viable product, as well as what aspects of ServiceNow they wanted to keep out of box, and what aspects they wanted to tweak,” Senior Advisor Jason Hagen said.

Over the next few weeks, the Cask team developed our client’s SAM protocols with a largely out-of-box implementation of ServiceNow. Once the initial set up was complete, our client began to import some of their software data to the ServiceNow platform. As time went on, more data was pulled in so that our client could build out a complete compliance picture for license management.

“Our client really wanted to be able to understand their compliance position in terms of the software and the licensing that they had purchased,” Hagen said. “They also wanted to get away from using manual spreadsheets that were used to track software, from purchase to installation.”

With employees consuming licenses across the organization, the central hub in Salt Lake City needed to be able to view user and installation data from above, so that they could properly manage compliance. The Cask team built a daily Web Services Integration to pull the SAM data, filtered it and populated it on a table, so that the data was easy to find and interpret for central services.

“Cask was exceptionally adaptable to our organizations needs as we worked through the statement of work.”

National Bank Holding Company


Four-month finish line

It took the Cask team just four months to help our client implement a robust software asset management protocol. In that time, our client’s Maturity Level grew from 0 to 1. Today, the bank can better understand their compliance position and their software spend across departments and teams, and more functionality is being added as needs arise.

“The ability to actually centrally view and manage the installations, was a huge step forward for them outside of what they were able to see prior to [their work with Cask], Hagen said. “They were very happy with our work.”


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