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Maricopa County Office of Enterprise Technology implements ServiceNow CMDB and HAM, reaching desired KPIs within 30 days


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KPI achievement in 30 days



Modernized CMDB and hardware asset management


Enhanced platform stability

5-year ServiceNow roadmap, including asset management and public sector digital services (PSDS)

THE Client

IT support for the largest county in Arizona

As the nation’s fastest-growing county, Maricopa County houses 4.5 million people and supports over 13,000 employees. More specifically, its Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) department provides innovative and secure services for the entire county, offering IT consulting to over 30 county departments. Overall, they empower the county to operate effectively and provide excellent support to its residents every day.

“Cask helped us ensure we were following ITIL best practices. They reaffirmed that we were not only on the right track but also layering all of ServiceNow’s powerful benefits on top of each other to find even more success.”

Erick Lao,
Director of Customer Engagement and Workspace at Maricopa County, Office of Enterprise Technology


the challenge

Reactionary posture and lack of visibility

Before implementing ServiceNow IT Service Management, CMDB, and Hardware Asset Management (HAM) with Cask, legacy applications were holding Maricopa County’s OET team back. “We didn’t have insight into where our issues existed or stemmed from,” says Erick Lao, director of customer engagement and workspace at Maricopa County. “We needed a stronger platform—and a plan for ongoing management of that platform—so the data could lead the way to better decision-making.”

Because they lacked visibility into processes and metrics, the team was underperforming when it came to mean resolution time and backlog. “We had around 1,500 backlogged tickets, which meant we spent most of our time firefighting,” Lao says. “Teams couldn’t take a breath, let alone innovate. We were buried under escalations.”

The team also didn’t have hardware asset management in place, which meant they didn’t have visibility into their full asset lifecycle, introducing additional roadblocks to risk management and planning.


A foundation for operational excellence

Cask’s initial focus was to help the OET team establish a structured process and roadmap for digital transformation: crawl, walk, then run.

Step one was bringing all of Maricopa County’s managed assets and devices into a ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB), along with the implementation of Hardware Asset Management. To ensure everything was executed comprehensively, Cask also worked closely with the OET team to develop a governance plan that defined roles, responsibilities, and timeframe, ensuring they were able to drive sufficient buy-in and adoption at every step of the process.

OET quickly saw an impact on their critical KPIs, average response time, average resolution time, and ticket backlog. “We saw the desired results we were looking for within 30 days,” says Lao. “It didn’t take long to get our bandwidth back and get back on track to our most productive state.”

As a result, the team has gained initial momentum and now has more time to plan and innovate. “We knew we needed to follow a path that offered stability and value along the way,” Lao says. “In working with Cask, we’ve set ourselves up for a significant transformation. We have short-term and long-term roadmapping for the next three to five years outlined. It’s gratifying to be at that point.”

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What Is Your Favorite Part about Working with Cask?

“There’s a lot, but I’d say one of the main things is the talent. I’m very impressed. From ITSM and CMDB to HAM to so much more, the expertise at Cask is vast and offers the in-depth knowledge we need to thrive with ServiceNow.”



A transparent and trusting partnership

Cask and Maricopa County have developed a long-term partnership. “The transparency of our partnership with Cask has been one of my favorite parts about working with them,” says Lao. “We’ve developed tight collaboration over the past few years, and it’s great that we’re able to be open with each other. I’m thrilled to continue working with the team.”

young technicians using a digital tablet ServiceNow-CMDB-ITAM-PSDS

What is ServiceNow ITAM?

Automate the complete lifecycle for software licenses, hardware assets, and cloud on one platform. Optimize costs while reducing risk. With ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM), you can enhance assets with powerful capabilities, including the following:

  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Software Asset Management
  • Hardware Asset Management
  • IT Asset Offboarding
  • SaaS License Management
  • Cloud Insights
  • And more!

With ServiceNow ITAM solutions delivered by Cask, you can increase your service while reducing costs, maintaining compliance, and minimizing risk. Gain visibility into every aspect of your assets with Cask.

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