Migrate your asset data quickly and accurately

SAM Shift is the first ServiceNow import solution with automated data mapping so you can reduce your migration time from months to hours.


Is your data stranded in costly legacy point software?

Managing Technology Lifecycle is a top priority for Asset Managers today. But many organizations are locked into legacy point tools and don’t know how to make the switch.
Your data is trapped, and you’re facing multiple headaches:

Siloed data can only take you so far.

Tracking assets in separate systems is getting in the way of process automation and next level asset program maturity.

Visibility is limited and point in time.

You need real-time visibility into asset data to make business decisions, but you face a frustrating data lag due to nonstop CMDB exports and imports.

Asset Managers can’t lead proactively.

Old tools wait for the next CMDB export to see new requests, config changes, retired assets and more that might have happened months before.

Third-party costs are hard to justify.

You’re paying a premium for a legacy point tool that just isn’t getting the full job done.


Hi. We’re Cask.

Our practitioner-led team has spent decades in the trenches of Asset Management and understands how to accelerate your journey to full technology asset lifecycle management on the ServiceNow platform.

Designed by ITAM experts, built to set you free.

With SAM Shift, you can take back control of your data by quickly and seamlessly importing the SAM data you and your organization need:


  • Licenses (Entitlements)
  • Purchases (POs)
  • User & Device Allocations
  • Contracts (Agreements)

Can you see it now?

Shift your focus with limitless possibilities.

With SAM Shift, you can experience the freedom to empower business-driven decisions with fast, validated, accurate data. Step into confidence with real-time visibility while saving yourself time, money, and headaches.

Put Your Data to Work.

Follow our easy 5-step process to migrate your asset data quickly, efficiently & with high confidence. Get started with SAM in ServiceNow and unlock a world of new possibilities.

Connect with us today to learn more about putting SAM Shift to work for you.