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Global media company transforms software asset management with ServiceNow migration via SAM Shift


CMDB go live

5 days to implement SAM Pro


reduced time stopwatch

2000 licenses migrated per hour



4 weeks from project start to turning off legacy system


ITAM: Software Asset Management Pro


An innovator in global information services

The client is a leading global information, services, and media company with a diverse portfolio that spans dozens of countries around the world. As an enterprise deeply invested in technological innovation, the client is always seeking to improve its internal operations and asset management capabilities, setting the stage for its journey toward effective software asset management (SAM).

“The fact that actual asset managers helped with the implementation . . . best implementation of SAMP I’ve seen yet.”

Client Representative


Navigating the complex waters of legacy systems

The client faced a significant challenge with its legacy SAM system. The system was not only cumbersome but also disconnected from other IT processes. Its system subscription was ending soon, and the client was looking to transition to ServiceNow’s Software Asset Management Pro (SAM-P) application for a more unified experience. The move was complex due to various integrations and data migration needs.


Tailored ServiceNow migration and enablement

Cask presented a structured plan to move the client from its legacy system to ServiceNow’s SAM-P application. This solution is SAM Shift, the first ServiceNow import solution with automated data mapping. The project entailed the following:

  • Quick implementation: Cask expedited the transition, completing it in just 4 weeks.
  • Data migration: Seamless migration of contract, purchase, license, and device and user allocation data to ServiceNow.
  • Integrations: Successfully integrated SCCM, JAMF, Microsoft, and Adobe portals, among others, with the ServiceNow platform.
  • Training: Provided both off-site and on-site training, enabling the client to be fully functional on the new SAM-P platform.
  • Dashboards: Installed best-practice hardware asset management (HAM) and SAM enhanced dashboards.

The client could now manage its software assets more effectively thanks to the powerful features of ServiceNow’s SAM-P, perfectly tailored to its needs. A key win was the significantly reduced time—down to hours from months—in completing the migration. While manual migration would have taken 30 minutes per license, the SAM Shift import migrated 2000 licenses per hour.

The innovative solution enabled the rapid and accurate transition of critical asset management data, ensuring a smooth and efficient move to the ServiceNow platform. This method proved essential in reducing the overall project timeline, demonstrating its efficacy in managing complex data migration challenges in a time-sensitive environment.


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Beyond implementation: A partnership for success

Cask’s expertise was much more than technical know-how; it acted as a true journey partner to the client. The client appreciated the high level of expertise, the clear communication, and the role of actual asset managers in the implementation process.
The experience was so positive that the client is looking to expand its relationship with Cask to improve other areas like its configuration management database (CMDB) and to purchase additional ServiceNow products like HAM Pro and Service Mapping. With its new Software Asset Management Pro platform, the client now has a robust, scalable solution that is already delivering value and is poised for future growth.

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