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Global law firm revolutionizes IT asset management with strategic consolidation


go live

5.5 months from project start to go-live


Decreased time to resolution

30 hours/month saved through script automation



90% reduction in model cleanup


ITAM: Hardware Asset Management

ITAM: Software Asset Management


Legal excellence meets technological innovation

The client is a leading international law firm renowned for its commitment to legal excellence, innovation, and client service. With lawyers across offices worldwide, the firm offers comprehensive legal services to a broad spectrum of industries and is recognized for its litigation, intellectual property, and business law expertise. For the firm, staying at the forefront of technological advancements is not just a goal but a standard, making it an ideal client for a ServiceNow transformation aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and client satisfaction.


“Cask gets what I care about, which is my people and my teams. The team understands that we wanted to enable all of these great professionals to be their best—it is my favorite part of the relationship, and it’s why it’s one of the most important partnerships we have.”

Client representative


the challenge

Overcoming fragmentation and inefficiency in IT asset management

The client had an ecosystem of disparate IT assets, a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that no longer seemed to fit together. A representative of the law firm described the situation as moving along a spectrum.

Initially, the IT department functioned like a factory, then evolved into a service provider. The goal was to become a strategic enabler, but a hurdle remained: The existing IT asset management (ITAM) processes were not built in an integrated way. The firm had different systems for hardware and software asset management, leading to fragmentation and inefficiency. This complicated environment impeded the client’s mission of becoming a more agile, customer-centric organization.


From silos to seamless coordination through ServiceNow

With the aim to pivot IT from merely functional to strategically enabling, the client looked to overhaul its ITAM processes. Key to this transformation was the integration of hardware and software asset management under the ServiceNow ITAM umbrella. Some of the significant improvements included the following:

  • Decommissioning legacy app: This allowed for the consolidation of all asset-related applications, breaking down silos, and creating a single source of truth.
  • Automated data validation: Prior to the overhaul, the client’s team expended massive effort toward ITAM data validation and cleanup. Automated scripts reduced this time by 30 hours per month.
  • Model cleanup: Where there used to be 25–75 models that required constant attention, in the month after implementation, only three models have needed cleaning up.

The focus was not just to replace one set of tools with another but to bring about a cultural shift. The client wanted its IT department to be not just a changed company but a company capable of change.


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Enabling continuous improvement through relationship

The project wasn’t about merely implementing a technological solution: It was about changing the way the client thought about ITAM. Cask served as a guide on this transformation journey. The client representative fondly recollects that the relationship was not transactional but transformational. Cask understood that the objective was not merely to change tools but to change the organization’s capabilities. “Cask understanding that’s what we wanted to do—that we wanted to enable all of these great professionals to be their best—is my favorite part of the relationship,” he said.

Cask was more than just a vendor: It was a partner in enabling continuous improvement, providing the kind of relationship that would extend far beyond the scope of a single project. It wasn’t just about the ServiceNow platform’s capabilities but about how those capabilities could align with the client’s broader objectives and cultural pillars.


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