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Energy supplier transforms customer service operations


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20+ million customers, better served



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Energizing its region through advanced operations

The client manages the flow of electric power to over 20 million customers, handling the financial transactions of the competitive wholesale electricity market. The client’s mission is to assure the reliability and adequacy of the bulk power supply in its region.

“Cask is our number one vendor! The quality of the people that worked on our project and the work that everyone has done in sales and delivery is incredible!”

Manager of IT Operations

the challenge

Tackling the complexity of customer service transformation

The client’s primary challenge was the critical need to expand the use of its ServiceNow platform across a series of interrelated projects. The urgency arose from weather events and related impacts on the client and its customers. While its existing ServiceNow solution focused mainly on IT service management (ITSM), the client needed to extend the platform’s workflow capabilities to accommodate non-IT-related support requests from its diverse set of internal and external customers. This transformation required migrating to ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) product, which facilitates the creation of multiple service teams on the platform that can manage and resolve requests from a complex matrix of customer groups.


Transitioning to a scalable service model with Cask

Cask came on board to facilitate the design and development of the foundational elements necessary to transition from ITSM to CSM. This project involved the core configuration of ServiceNow CSM, designing the client’s industry data model, and integrating case management to support new customer intake and resolution needs. Cask’s solution enabled the creation of multiple segmented service teams, offering an approach that adapted to the complexity of the client’s internal and external customer groups, significantly enhancing customer service operations.


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Elevating the relationship through dynamic collaboration

Cask’s commitment to understanding the client’s needs and requirements laid the foundation for a successful collaboration. The partnership between the client and Cask transcended technical assistance, culminating in a seamless blend of agility, expertise, and comfort. The client came to see the vast potential of ServiceNow not just as a tool but as a catalyst for growth and improvement. The success of this partnership served as a testament to the power of effective collaboration, setting a benchmark for future endeavors.


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