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Bank transforms ITAM by streamlining hardware asset management


CMDB reliability

Streamlined hardware management



Enhanced compliance and risk mitigation


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Improved decision-making and resource allocation


ITAM: Hardware Asset Management


A financial institution’s commitment to excellence

The client stands as a prominent bank dedicated to serving its wide range of customers with innovative solutions and services. With a strong emphasis on customer service and technological advancement, it continually strives to enhance its offerings to meet the evolving needs of its clients. This commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction led the organization to seek out expertise to streamline its hardware asset management, ensuring the institution remains at the forefront of operational efficiency and service excellence.

“I have worked with many consulting companies over the years and I’m very skeptical on what they can deliver. Cask is an exception to the norm—they are top notch, delivered on time, with quality—I would highly recommend Cask to any company needing professional services for ServiceNow products.”

– Client Representative


Navigating complex asset management needs

The bank faced a significant challenge with its hardware asset management. The company needed to meet a stringent timeline for a hardware asset audit, demanding a rapid and efficient solution. Its existing systems were inadequate for the task, necessitating a robust and streamlined approach to manage its extensive hardware assets effectively. This challenge was compounded by the need for improved audit readiness, enhanced visibility, control over the asset lifecycle, and ensuring compliance with internal and external policies.


Implementing a tailored HAM Pro solution

Cask’s expertise was brought to bear in crafting a tailored solution using the ServiceNow HAM Pro module. The project aimed to deploy the HAM Pro module within a tight timeline, streamlining the client’s hardware asset management processes. 

Key elements of the solution included the following:

  • Deployment of the ServiceNow HAM Pro module, ensuring compliance with the audit timeline
  • Streamlining of asset management processes, reducing manual efforts, and aligning with best practices
  • Enhancing visibility and control over the hardware asset lifecycle, aiding in better decision-making
  • Improving compliance with policies, thereby reducing risks of noncompliance
  • Providing ongoing support and training for the institution’s staff for seamless adoption and utilization of the HAM Pro module

Understood our business requirements?


Communicated clearly throughout the project?


Positioned us to achieve our desired business outcomes?


Provided a high level of expertise in implementing our solution?


Facilitating growth through strategic collaboration

The partnership between the client and Cask transcended the typical client–consultant relationship, evolving into a strategic collaboration. Cask not only provided technical expertise but also understood and aligned with the financial institution’s business requirements, ensuring a solution that was not just technically sound but also business-focused. The experience was marked by clear communication and a mutual understanding of goals, leading to a solution that positioned the client for long-term success in asset management. The collaboration was characterized by mutual respect, agility, and a shared commitment to achieving the desired business outcomes.

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