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City improves user experience through IT enablement


Expanded service catalog

Expanded service catalog


Enhanced end-user experience

Enhanced end-user experience


Shift from Service Portal to Employee Center

Shift from Service Portal to Employee Center


ITAM: Hardware Asset Management

Platform Foundations: Service Catalog

Platform Foundations: Service Portal


A full-service municipality providing essential services

The client is a California charter city governed by elected officials responsible for providing municipal services, ranging from police and fire departments to water supply, sewer service, and beyond. With a multibillion-dollar budget and over 5,000 employees, the client is dedicated to serving its residents and maintaining essential operations.

“The Cask Team [was] a joy to work with, provided important insight, ensured all of our questions were answered, and worked tirelessly to ensure our project was completed to our satisfaction.”

Interim Customer Service Officer


the challenge

Service catalog deficiencies and asset management complexities

The client faced several challenges in its IT service management (ITSM) processes. The limited quantity and types of services available through the service catalog hindered the client’s ability to meet the needs of internal customers effectively. Additionally, the management of hardware and software assets posed risks to the employee experience during onboarding and offboarding processes, as well as the potential loss of city property. The client recognized the need to improve these areas and sought assistance from Cask to achieve its goals.


Empowering the client with ITxM maturation

Cask collaborated closely with the client to address its ITSM challenges. The first area of focus was the expansion of the service catalog, enabling the client to provide a wider range of services to internal customers. Cask worked with the client to assess its service portfolios, optimize service management processes, and reorganize the service catalog. The next step involved updating the service portal by transitioning to ServiceNow’s enhanced user experience, the Employee Center. This upgrade refreshed the capabilities of ServiceNow, improving the user experience for both employees and IT personnel.

To address the management of hardware and software assets, Cask delivered IT asset management (ITAM) solutions. The implementation of hardware asset management (HAM) established a strong foundation for future engagements, including configuration management and software asset management (SAM). By leveraging purchased equipment records from a major IT hardware vendor and integrating with the client’s existing data source, Cask enabled the client to track and manage its IT assets efficiently. The implementation of a comprehensive asset management process reduced the risks associated with missed licensing renewals and enhanced the employee onboarding and offboarding experiences.


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Forming a trusted, cohesive partnership

Throughout the project, Cask worked closely with the client, ensuring a successful partnership and collaboration. The Cask team provided valuable insights, addressed all questions, and dedicated itself to completing the project to the client’s satisfaction.

The relationship extended beyond technical implementation, with Cask offering advice and guidance to the client throughout the process. The client not only achieved its objectives in expanding its service catalog and improving IT asset management but also found a trusted partner for future projects and ongoing support.

Empowering the Client

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