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Industrial manufacturer drives enterprise realignment in just 16 weeks



Enabled self-service for IT and HR functions



Expanded ServiceNow platform, optimizing ROI



Less than 4 months to implement advanced ITSM, HRSD, and APM modules


Automation Engine: IntegrationHub

HR: Case and Knowledge Management

ITSM: Digital Portfolio Management

ITSM: Incident Management

ITSM: Problem Management

ITSM: Service Operations Workspace ITSM Applications

Platform Foundations: Common Service Data Model (CSDM)

Platform Foundations: Configuration Management (CMDB)

Platform Foundations: Employee Center

Platform Foundations: Knowledge Management

Platform Foundations: Service Catalog

Strategic Portfolio Management: Application Portfolio Management


Breaking new ground

A renowned entity in the filtration technology industry was on the precipice of a significant transition. Moving away from its parent company, it sought to establish its independent IT infrastructure. This move was pivotal for its growth, but it also brought unique challenges, requiring quick yet reliable transformation.

the challenge

Confronting the hurdles of swift enterprise realignment

When the client decided to break off and become an independent entity, it faced an ambitious task: setting up a fresh IT infrastructure from scratch. It needed to implement a new platform for HR and IT interactions while managing the project within a tight timeline. Moreover, it had to ensure that its teams could efficiently handle the applications in the new environment. In essence, it sought an enterprise transformation without disrupting its existing operations.


A comprehensive ServiceNow implementation

Understanding the client’s needs and constraints, Cask set out to implement a comprehensive ServiceNow solution. Cask’s multimodule approach comprised ITSM, HRSD, and APM, ensuring that the client had all the tools necessary for its new IT environment. Cask offered tailored implementation strategies, developed advanced reporting dashboards, and provided insightful knowledge transfer sessions to ensure that the client was well equipped to manage its new applications. In doing so, Cask empowered the client to transform its IT operations within the aggressive timeline it had set.


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Fostering success through collaboration

The journey to independence for the client was transformed into a seamless transition through its robust collaboration with Cask. This partnership was the driving force behind the successful construction of a new, independent enterprise infrastructure, centered on the powerful ServiceNow platform.

In this partnership, the client’s business needs, resources, and vision guided the project. Cask’s role was that of a trusted advisor, equipping the client’s team with tailored solutions and the confidence to manage its ServiceNow applications effectively. Even under strict timelines, the synergistic efforts of both organizations ensured high-quality outcomes, cementing the power of a true partnership.

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