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Gaming company streamlines employee services with state-of-the-art portal


CMDB go live

4.5 months from project start to go-live


Shift from Service Portal to Employee Center

Enhanced employee UX



Increased self-service adoption


Employee Center

Service Catalog


Pioneering innovation in entertainment technology

The client, a subsidiary of a renowned entertainment company, stands at the forefront of the gaming industry, known for its innovative consoles and captivating video games that have delighted gamers worldwide. With a mission to put smiles on the faces of everyone it touches, the client has continually pushed the boundaries of digital entertainment.

This dedication to innovation and excellence made the modernization of its internal request system and service catalog a crucial step in ensuring its internal technology reflects the same high standards it sets in the gaming world.

“Cask provided fantastic catalog and service proficiency, along with subject matter expertise to both advise and guide us through a successful project.”

–Client Representative


Streamlining complex processes for an enhanced employee experience

The client faced a significant challenge: its employee self-service hub and service catalog, crucial for daily operations, had grown outdated and inefficient. The existing request system powered by ServiceNow Service Portal was IT-centric, making it difficult for employees outside the IT department to navigate and utilize the services effectively. This not only hampered employee satisfaction but also placed unnecessary strain on IT resources, leading to increased technical debt and reduced efficiency in handling service requests.

The client recognized the need for a major overhaul to prioritize employee experience, reduce friction in service requests, and foster a more inclusive, non-IT-centric approach to self-service capabilities.


Crafting a modern, intuitive Employee Center and Service Catalog

The client and Cask stepped collaborated to revitalize the client’s Employee Center and Service Catalog. The project was thoughtfully planned to enhance user experience and drive self-service adoption through the following:

  • Migration and modernization: Transitioning the existing ServiceNow Service Portal to the modern Employee Center experience, improving accessibility and user engagement
  • Taxonomy and UX enhancement: Redefining the Service Catalog’s taxonomy and user experience to spotlight high-usage services, thereby reducing employee effort in finding and using services
  • Critical mass identification: Pinpointing a critical mass of catalog items for initial release, ensuring impactful services were prioritized for a seamless service delivery experience
  • Reusable components: Leveraging reusable catalog workflows and components for efficiency and scalability
  • Continuous improvement: Establishing guidelines for the company’s ongoing refinement and expansion of the catalog, supported by Cask’s deep dive into governance, process recommendations, and the establishment of key metrics for success

This comprehensive approach led to a significantly improved Employee Center, marked by intuitive navigation, a streamlined service catalog, and an overall modernized employee experience.


Understood our business requirements?


Communicated clearly throughout the project?


Enabled us to manage our ServiceNow applications post-implementation?


Positioned us to achieve our desired business outcomes?


Provided a high level of expertise in implementing our solution(s)?


Provided a high level of expertise in implementing our solution(s)?


Nurturing collaboration and shared success for 5+ years

The partnership between the client and Cask is cherished, built over five years beginning with a comprehensive platform reimplementation. This enduring relationship has been fortified through various successful projects.

The collaboration shines as a testament to mutual understanding and adapting to the client's evolving needs, reinforcing trust and shared respect. This journey has not only achieved remarkable project successes but has also deepened the bond between the two organizations, setting a foundation for future endeavors.

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