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Mall Developer Revamps ITSM through Strategic Improvements


ITSM efficiency

 Improved efficiency across all ITSM areas


impact and urgency

Implemented mandatory impact and urgency selection for incidents



1 month to go-live


ITSM: Agent Workspace For ITSM

ITSM: Incident Management

ITSM: Request Management

ITSM: Request Management

Platform Foundations: Service Portal


Embracing Innovation in Retail Property Management

The client is a premier global developer and operator of flagship shopping destinations, with a portfolio of dozens of shopping centers across various countries. The company aims to provide cutting-edge retail experiences by merging physical and digital platforms, delivering over 1 billion visits annually. As part of its commitment to innovation and top-notch customer experiences, the client recognized the need to elevate its IT service management (ITSM), ensuring efficiency and responsiveness that aligns with its global operational excellence. This led the client to seek an enhancement of its ITSM systems, marking the beginning of a transformative journey.

"One of the best experiences I have had working with a vendor on a project.”

– Client Representative


the challenge

Struggling with Inefficiency and Ineffective Communication

The client was wrestling with its ITSM systems, facing major efficiency gaps, and struggling with communication within its ServiceNow instance. The company needed to enhance notification communication, segregate incidents and requests through the interaction management system (IMS), ensure mandatory selection of impact and urgency fields, and evaluate the feasibility of future improved mobile app usability. The existing system was not responsive enough to the users’ needs. The client needed a solution that would make the difficult easy.


Implementing a Strategic, Comprehensive Enhancement

Understanding the client’s unique challenges and goals, Cask crafted a tailored solution, focusing on four key areas:

  • Enhancing Notification Communication: Improved communication of changes and updates to ServiceNow users, leveraging announcements
  • Enabling IMS and Redirecting Email to IMS: Created segregation of incidents and requests, enhancing the overall flow and functionality
  • Impact and Urgency Descriptions: Implemented mandatory selection of fields utilizing a priority matrix, streamlining the incident creation process
  • Evaluating Feasibility of Future Improved Mobile App Usability: Addressed the immediate problem with Now Mobile support and assessed future improvements for mobile app support.

The entire project was managed with precision and efficiency, leading to a successful go-live within just five weeks.


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Navigating Complexity with Cohesive Collaboration

The client found in its collaboration with the implementation team more than just technical expertise. It was a partnership that offered insights, guidance, and a shared vision. The go-live after just five weeks marked a significant success in enhancing efficiency across all areas of ITSM. The collaborative experience showed trust and synergy.

With this ITSM enhancement project, the client was not only able to resolve its immediate challenges but also lay the groundwork for future improvements, embracing technological innovation, and leading the way in providing exceptional services to their customers. The journey was marked by strategic foresight, seamless execution, and a true partnership that made the complex look simple, all in alignment with the client’s business needs and requirements.

A Cohesive Collaboration

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