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Global law firm optimizes ITOM processes, enhances CMDB


CMDB go live

5 months from project start to go-live


CMDB completeness

Increased CMDB completeness and compliance


CMDB reliability

Enhanced reliability and correctness of CMDB


ITOM: Discovery

ITOM: ITOM Visibility


A global leader in legal expertise

The client is an international law firm known for its innovation and commitment to providing top-tier legal services. With a dedication to achieving excellence, it has been focusing on enhancing its technology infrastructure to better serve its clientele. This commitment to technological innovation led the client to seek improvements in its ITOM processes, setting the stage for a transformative journey in aligning its internal operations with its high standards of client service.

“The data’s better. It’s aligned in a single place. We have transparency and more visibility into how work’s getting done and the processes that we need to optimize.”

Chief Information Officer


the challenge

Navigating complex ITOM process overhaul

The client was faced with the challenge of transforming its ITOM processes. The complexity of aligning the CMDB data and governance required a comprehensive approach to defining roles and responsibilities, creating a communication cadence, and ensuring that the CMDB was compliant at an acceptable level. Lack of transparency and inefficiency in the existing processes was hindering the client’s ability to optimize its ITOM operations effectively. The client was in need of a solution that could align the data in a single place and provide increased visibility into the ITOM activities.


Tailoring a comprehensive ITOM strategy

The client worked with its ServiceNow partner to craft a bespoke solution that targeted the firm’s unique challenges. The collaboration included a series of strategic activities:

  • CMDB data governance: Determining the approach, defining roles and responsibilities, and mapping out meeting and communications cadence
  • CMDB remediation development sprints: Including development oversight, QA testing, and documentation updates as needed
  • Discovery implementation: Providing up to 24 hours of total working sessions across topics such as credential workshops and midserver workshops
  • ITOM team office hours: Offering up to four hours weekly of training and operational support, including governance support

Through these planned activities, the client was able to achieve its Q1 and Q2 objectives, resulting in an optimized ITOM process that increased the reliability and correctness of CMDB.

Managed to the timeline and resources required?


Understood your business needs and requirements?


Equipped you to manage your ServiceNow applications?



Cultivating a collaborative pathway to success

The success of this project was founded on a mutual understanding of the business needs and requirements. Both teams’ commitment to adhering to the timeline and resource constraints, combined with respective expertise, enabled the client to manage its ServiceNow applications efficiently.

The partnership between the client and Cask was characterized by an integrated approach that embraced a shared vision. Through consistent communication, well-defined roles, and a clear roadmap, the client was able to gain control over its ITOM process. The relationship was not just about meeting the objectives but crafting an exceptional experience that made the difficult task easy for the client.

Collaborative Pathway to Success

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