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Global chemical manufacturer elevates employee experience with international HR overhaul


centralized customer support model

Unified HR portal worldwide


Multiple Language

Translated and supported multiple languages



Elevated employee self-service


HR: Case and Knowledge Management

HR: Employee Service Center


The industry leader’s innovative leap in sustainable production

The client is a global leader in the production of chemical solutions, aiming to power the potential of companies worldwide with its high-quality materials. With a commendable track record of enhancing global sustainability through responsible production, it has successfully expanded its operations to meet customer demand. The client’s pursuit of operational excellence and sustainable practices laid the groundwork for a strategic alliance with Cask, seeking to elevate its environmental stewardship and production efficiency.

“The Cask team was amazing to work with. . . They were great thought partners, providing great insight into what would work best for us. Our global implementation was quite complex with all of the translations, but they helped us be successful.”

Client Representative


the challenge

Addressing global HR service disparities

The large company faced a fragmented HR service delivery system. With disparate practices across regions, the client’s ability to efficiently manage HR requests and maintain employee engagement was significantly hindered. The lack of a unified HR portal and the complexity of handling multiple languages and regional requirements resulted in operational inefficiencies and a subpar employee experience. Moreover, the current US ServiceNow HR instance was not fully optimized, revealing past project deficiencies and untapped capabilities, leaving much room for improvement.


Crafting a cohesive global HR service platform

The client and Cask embarked on the intricate process of overhauling its international HR call center portal. The solution centered on the implementation of ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery (HRSD) applications, tailored to the client’s unique global requirements. The efforts were multifaceted, focusing on the following:

  • Streamlining operations: Through the deployment of HR Case and Knowledge Management, the client’s HR operations were unified, enabling a consistent approach to managing employee inquiries and resolutions across all global offices.
  • Enhancing employee access: The introduction of the employee service center established a single point of contact for HR requests and knowledge searches, significantly improving the employee experience with self-service capabilities.
  • Expanding multilingual support: Critical to the international workforce, language translations were incorporated, allowing employees to engage with HR services in their native language, fostering inclusivity, and improving comprehension.
  • Training and enablement: Comprehensive “Train the Trainer” sessions and job aids empowered the client’s internal teams to become self-sufficient in managing the new ServiceNow applications, ensuring a sustainable model post-implementation.

Customer satisfaction

Managed project timeline effectively?


Enabled us to manage our ServiceNow applications post-implementation?



Solidifying a collaborative growth journey

Throughout the HR transformation journey, the client and Cask forged a partnership that was built on mutual respect, shared expertise, and a commitment to success. The collaborative nature of this partnership was evident in the way the teams worked together, with Cask providing not just solutions but also advice and best practices tailored to the client’s specific needs.

The organization’s internal teams benefited greatly from Cask’s approach, learning to navigate the complexities of the system and gaining valuable insights that would support them long after the project concluded.

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