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Public financial management organization streamlines HR processes with strategic digital transformation



Increased case resolution rates



Reduced manual HR tasks



Introduced robust, real-time HR analytics


HR: Basic Case Management

HR: Case and Knowledge Management

HR: Employee Document Management

HR: Employee Relations

HR: HR Service Management

HR: Performance Analytics for HR


Leader in financial management

The client is responsible for overseeing significant financial transactions and operations. With a mandate to ensure financial integrity and operational efficiency, this agency is a benchmark for excellence in the public financial sector. As it continued to manage an increasingly complex financial landscape, the client saw the need to further elevate its operational capabilities, setting the stage for a partnership that aimed to redefine excellence in public service.

“This has been the best implementation of any technology with which I have been involved. The open communication and collaboration between my project team and Cask has allowed us to remain on schedule and within budget. I’m very pleased with this project.”

Client Representative


the challenge

Struggling with outdated, fragmented HR tools

The client had been using an assortment of dated technologies like Microsoft Access databases, SharePoint, and other tools for HR case and document management. As the technology reached its limits, it became apparent that it couldn’t support the modern, scalable solutions needed for effective HR service management.

This situation posed significant operational challenges. Inefficient processes led to delays, lack of real-time tracking metrics made performance assessment difficult, and manual handling of HR documents risked data integrity. It was clear that a transformative change was needed to replace these outdated tools with a robust, scalable, and integrated HR service management system.


A comprehensive digital transformation for HR

Cask guided the client through an extensive analysis to identify the bottlenecks and pain points in its existing systems. Leveraging ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery and HR Performance Analytics, two projects were executed:

HRSD Project 1

  • Migrated HR helpdesk functions from CSM to HRSD
  • Developed an automated intake process and case creation
  • Successfully replaced approximately 20 Access databases and 2 SharePoint tools used for case management

HRSD Project 2

  • Implemented applications including HR: Basic Case Management, HR: Case and Knowledge Management, HR: Employee Document Management, and others
  • Developed quality assurance and quality control mechanisms
  • Built performance analytics reports for tracking SLAs and metrics

The outcome was a seamlessly integrated, scalable HRSD system that not only improved HR operations but also provided valuable analytics to assess performance.


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Crafting a synergistic path forward

This partnership not only fulfilled immediate requirements but also opened doors to future possibilities. The client is now well positioned to leverage additional functionalities and improvements, ensuring a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

By the end of these two projects, the client had effectively modernized its HR operations. In doing so, it didn’t just overcome its immediate challenges: It also laid the groundwork for future success in the ever-evolving world of HR technology.



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