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Onboard travel nurses faster to decrease costs and increase revenue

Cask’s Travel Nurse Onboarding increases retention, improves productivity, and accelerates outcomes with a modern experience, automated lifecycle events, and unique solutions to solve your business challenges.

Do your existing onboarding processes increase turnover and delay travel nurses’ ability to serve patients?

Turnover, lack of employee engagement, and the nursing shortage are collectively creating huge challenges for healthcare organizations

You face an unprecedented healthcare-worker shortage

With demand far outweighing available talent, attracting and converting contingent workers is key.

Inefficiencies plague onboarding today

Redundant forms and outdated processes make onboarding costly, provide a poor user experience, and slow down patient care. The ability to onboard travel nurses quickly and efficiently is critical.

Nurse turnover is costly

Hospitals are losing up to $9 million every year due to nurse turnover. Healthcare providers can’t afford legacy, manual onboarding processes and systems.

Nurses face a swarm of onboarding systems

Multiple front doors, duplicate data entry, conflicting information—providers need a single system of engagement for nurses to immerse themselves in the company, culture, people, process—and to complete all of their onboarding activities.


Hi! We’re Cask

We have a comprehensive onboarding solution for healthcare providers that includes a world-class, omnichannel experience with unique use cases to solve your biggest challenges.

Nurse turnover is expensive. Hospitals can’t afford legacy systems and manual processes to onboard travel nurses, which has a dramatic impact on costs, revenue, and the ability to serve patients.


Average annual turnover for nurses. 8.4% increase since last year



Average turnover cost for nurses. Every % change costs $262,300 per year



$5.2-9M – Average revenue loss for hospitals due to nurse turnover

Welcome and retain nurses

Travel Nurse Onboarding accelerates business value and outcomes as it immerses travel nurses quickly and efficiently in a new workplace, with a new workforce and new work.

Set expectations prior to day 1
Prepare nurses to serve patients quickly
Connect nurses with the right people at the right time
Proactively and privately respond to issues
Optimized for desktop and mobile

Seamless, meaningful travel nurse onboarding experiences

Imagine nurses starting day one with clear expectations, a feeling of connection and engagement, and the immediate ability to start contributing to patient care

Deliver the extraordinary experience your employees expect

Cask has deep expertise, experience, and passion solving complex business challenges for healthcare companies around the world. Check out our unique solution today and start realizing value.

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