Build Best-in-Class Operational Excellence with Managed Services

We provide flexible managed services support with a “best fit” solution to accelerate operational success and achieve desired outcomes.

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What’s Included with Cask Managed Services?

Proactive Maintenance

Stay up-to-date on upgrades and patches so your platform always has the latest and greatest that ServiceNow has to offer with an experienced team of professionals

Technical Support Experts

Help your organization thrive.  Our team of certified technicians can provide the necessary technical support

Strategy & Consulting

Realize your vision through road mapping and strategic consultation. Stay on track to achieve your goals and measure performance with valuable KPIs.

Ongoing Enhancements

Manage your backlog refinement, streamline business processes, and oversee continuous delivery so you can provide more transparency to leadership and beyond

Integration Support

Become more efficient with integrated monitoring and troubleshooting of API integrations, and so much more

Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

Click! Gain access to reports and dashboards built for your business to show you the metrics that really matter with the click of a button

ServiceNow Optimization

Do away with technical debt, overly customized modules, and numerous missed opportunities and get back to baseline, and marry business needs with solutions you can rely on

Platform Automation

Design and create the ideal processes with Flow Designer from our automation experts and serve customers faster

Managed Services Offerings


Cask provides a flexible and scalable approach to both maintenance and technical support with our certified technical experts.

Proactive Operation

You’ll have access to a team of administrators that will keep the instance up to date on all major releases and patches. These administrators help establish governance for your platform. Cask experts will handle the daily administrative tasks for you so you can focus your time and resources on growing your business.

Technical Support

The Cask technical support team is built around your specific business and platform needs. You’ll have experts managing your incident queue to provide both fast triaging and effective troubleshooting of ServiceNow issues. You can expect fast response times, proactive recommendations, and scalable remediations.


Cask delivers high-caliber advisors and architects to steer your organization towards its goals and maximum ServiceNow ROI.

On demand consulting

On-demand consultants continually inject thought leadership and expertise into your strategic vision. Receive catered architectural reviews and diagrams, business process design, and holistic platform governance that will set you up for success and continued growth.

Cask Concierge

The pinnacle of Cask thought leadership and strategic vision. A dedicated team that consists of product line experts, industry advisors, an enterprise architect, and an engagement manager guiding you on your ServiceNow journey. Providing continuous expertise is only found in their accumulated years of experience across the industry and the platform.


Continuous cloud innovation means capitalizing on opportunities to enhance and innovate on top of what’s already in place. In this fast growing business automation environment, you need a partner who can identify areas of opportunity and design elegant and efficient solutions to your business problems


You’ll have access to a team of technical experts that can take your backlog of enhancements and turn them into real solutions. Whether it’s architectural design, building out your service catalog, or integrating with other platforms, Cask can put the right team in place to finally deliver those improvements you’ve been waiting for.


Sometimes it’s not feasible to the scope and defines all requirements upfront. Sometimes requirements and stakeholder needs change. Rather than being locked into a defined scope of work and set of deliverables, clients can leverage a dedicated Cask agile team with a set capacity to iteratively plan, build and deliver development sprints based on continual requirements gathering and road mapping. So clients can realize value faster and make adjustments along the way.

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Real Insights