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ServiceNow partnership levels—complete guide (2023 updates)

Organizations everywhere are signing on with ServiceNow partners to help them drive success. In fact, there are nearly 2,000 ServiceNow partners helping companies from every industry streamline and automate their business processes. With this massive number of partners available for businesses to choose from, it’s useful to know what ServiceNow partners are and how to identify the differences between them.

With growing popularity of ServiceNow, more and more organizations are investing both in ServiceNow to drive their digital transformation initiatives and in ServiceNow partners that will extend the value of their ServiceNow investment. In fact, ServiceNow recommends that all organizations using the platform and ServiceNow solutions find a partner aligned with their business needs to help them achieve their desired business outcomes.

To make it easier for organizations to find the right partner for them, there are several ServiceNow partnership levels that offer varying degrees of support and engagement. Each ServiceNow partnership level provides different benefits and reflects a differing tier of expertise.

When choosing a partner, it’s important to consider the full ServiceNow ecosystem, the methods of comparing various partners, the benefits of each ServiceNow partnership level, and your business’s long-term strategies. Let’s dive in.

The ServiceNow partner ecosystem

ServiceNow offers several unique partnership tiers based on partners’ skill sets and experience levels; however, not every partner level is equal. While higher-tier partners provide more comprehensive services, nearly three in four partners are part of the lowest-tier level.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from each ServiceNow partnership level:

  1. Registered Partners (71 percent of all ServiceNow partners): This group includes the vast majority of ServiceNow partners. These organizations may be new to ServiceNow and have not yet achieved measurable activity or certifications.
  2. Specialist Partners (9 percent of all ServiceNow partners): These partners have specialized skills in one or more ServiceNow products and can provide specialized support in these areas.
  3. Premier Partners (12 percent of all ServiceNow partners): These partners provide specialized support in four or fewer ServiceNow products and have established themselves in several different regions.
  4. Elite Partners (8 percent of all ServiceNow partners): Elite Partners have higher levels of demonstrated competency in five or more ServiceNow products across information technology (IT), employee experience, and customer service workflows.
  5. Global Elite Partners (0.3 percent of all ServiceNow partners): These partners are the top tier of ServiceNow partners, with seasoned industry expertise, digital transformation skills, global scale, and a CEO-level commitment to ServiceNow practices. There are currently only six Global Elite Partners.

The ServiceNow partnership levels help you identify core characteristics of each partner. Use them to make informed decisions about which type of partner is best suited to your budgets, needs, and goals.

Benefits of each ServiceNow partnership level

The expertise and specialties of each partner can vary greatly. From Registered Partners that are just starting out to Elite Partners that bring a wealth of experience, each partnership level offers unique benefits to clients. Remember though, that while each level of partnership can bring value to a ServiceNow implementation, a higher level of partnership may provide more extensive knowledge and resources to help drive success.

Here are some of the specific benefits of each level of partnership:

  • Registered Partners can provide basic support and services but lack the depth of expertise found in other levels of partnership.
  • Specialist Partners can provide deep expertise in a particular area of ServiceNow, helping organizations achieve specific goals or tackle specific challenges.
  • Premier Partners can offer a wide range of services across several areas, which can help organizations achieve a more comprehensive digital transformation.
  • Elite Partners have a proven track record of delivering results and are established in several different geographies, so they can provide support and services on a larger scale.
  • Global Elite Partners have the resources and experience to help organizations achieve digital transformation on a global scale.

When choosing a ServiceNow partner, consider their level of expertise and competency as well as their specialties within the ServiceNow platform. A partner with a specialized focus in your area of need can bring extra value and insight to your end-to-end implementation roadmap.

When it comes to choosing a ServiceNow partner for a larger, more complex implementation, there are a few important points to keep in mind. For example, a Specialist Partner may have expertise in a specific ServiceNow product, like automation, but they may not have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle more complex projects.

On the other hand, Premier and Elite Partners have demonstrated their expertise by achieving certifications and completing a certain number of successful ServiceNow implementations. This means they have a deeper understanding of the full platform and are better equipped to handle larger, more complex projects.

In addition, higher-tiered partners often have a team of ServiceNow experts with a wide range of skills and experience. This allows them to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. They are often able to offer additional value-added services beyond implementation, such as ongoing support and maintenance. For example, a great partner will be able to help with change management to ensure you have comprehensive adoption across your enterprise. Not only will an effective partner help with the foundation, but they will also provide ongoing support for your ServiceNow journey.

How to compare different ServiceNow partners

When selecting a ServiceNow partner, it’s important to consider how the partnership will align with your business goals. This includes examining factors such as a partner’s focus on your specific industry, their level of experience with similar implementations, their ability to provide the level of support you require, and long-term training and enablement.

Here are some additional elements to consider when comparing ServiceNow partners.

Size and scale of the partner organization

A ServiceNow partner’s size and scale can impact their ability to handle complex projects, provide dedicated support, and manage client relationships—not to mention their pricing, which will be further impacted by experience and skill set. Be sure to ask for pricing details when vetting a partner.

Industry experience

ServiceNow partners that have experience working with organizations in your specific industry can bring valuable industry-specific knowledge to your project. Matching an organization’s industry to the verticals that a partner has worked with can be important because it can lead to a more efficient implementation process. That is, your partner will have a better understanding of your organization’s unique needs and challenges. Fortunately, you can usually determine by case studies and other indicators resources on a partner’s website.

Geographical presence

Depending on your organization’s needs, it may be important to consider the partner’s geographical presence and ability to provide local support. You can view where a ServiceNow partner is based and what regions they serve on their ServiceNow profiles.

Technical certifications and expertise

ServiceNow partners can hold different certifications, which indicate their expertise in specific areas of the ServiceNow platform. These include a number of certifications for system administrators, implementation specialists, instructors, and technical architects. Consider which certifications are important for your organization and choose a partner that has the appropriate certifications.

To maximize the benefits of a ServiceNow partnership, it’s crucial to assess a partner’s expertise and experience with similar implementations, as well as their ability to provide the necessary support for your unique needs. Before choosing a partner, find out whether they provide services in implementation, consulting, managed services, creator workflows, or a combination of them all.

Customer reviews and references

Researching customer experience reviews and speaking with references can provide valuable insight into a ServiceNow partner’s performance, reliability, and overall approach to projects. Review the partner’s case studies or customer success stories on their website to see what kinds of companies hire the partner (size, industry, etc.), along with what results they achieve with that partner.

Specific sectors

ServiceNow’s partner program identifies five separate sectors to help individuals find the right partner for their business: organizations in the public sector, sales, service providers, services, and technology. It’s also important to remember that many partners have specialties that overlap in two or more sectors. You can use the ServiceNow site to filter ServiceNow partners based on your target partnership level and specific sectors to help you narrow down the list of partners that align with your business goals.

Consider your long-term strategy

When choosing a ServiceNow partner, it’s important to consider not only your immediate needs but also your long-term strategy. The latter includes factors such as a partner’s ability to support your growth and scalability, their level of investment in the ServiceNow platform, and their commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in digital transformation.

A successful partnership with a ServiceNow partner goes beyond just selecting the right one. To make the most out of the partnership, it’s crucial to establish clear goals and expectations and maintain open and regular communication with your partner. In addition, staying current with ServiceNow updates and trends and taking advantage of training and certification opportunities offered by your partner can also help your organization stay ahead of the curve.

By making the most of your ServiceNow partnership, you can ensure a successful and effective implementation of ServiceNow and continue to drive digital transformation in your organization for the long term. Leveraging the expertise and experience of your partner can help ensure a successful implementation.

When you have the know-how to navigate the full ServiceNow partner program, compare different partners, identify the benefits of different partnership levels, and align the partner to your business’ long-term strategies, you can ensure that you select a ServiceNow partner that will help your organization find success with the Now Platform.

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You're working in a rapidly shifting environment.

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We’re with you for what comes next

You're working in a rapidly shifting environment.

Global dynamics, AI advancements, heavy competition–the only certainty is change.

We get it. And we’re here to help you harness the full potential of ServiceNow to simplify transformation.

Let's navigate the future together.


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