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Energy supplier reinvents field service management amid rising operational demand


CMDB go live

3.5 months from project start to go-live


ITSM efficiency

Increase in operational efficiency


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Reduction in service delivery times


FSM: Field Service Management


Powering a state

This energy supplier manages the flow of electric power to more than 20 million customers. As an independent system operator, the client successfully handles approximately 600,000 megawatt-hours of electricity per day. As part of its continuous improvement ethos, this client sought to optimize its service management processes—a strategic focus that prompted it to collaborate once again with its ServiceNow partner.

“This was a greenfield project utilizing the capabilities of the ServiceNow FSM module. We have begun the second phase of the FSM expansion to establish an additional portal that will greatly enhance the capabilities of the customer experience.”

Client Representative


the challenge

Navigating an evolving energy landscape with outdated tools

The client has an enormous responsibility: managing the flow of electric power to over 20 million customers. External pressures like weather events and customer demands magnify this responsibility.

Despite these high expectations, the client was relying on dated operational models and software platforms, causing inefficiencies and limiting its ability to effectively serve its customers and manage non-IT fieldwork, like inspections. The stakes were high, and the team needed a robust solution to help it swiftly and efficiently manage field operations while delivering an exceptional customer experience to various market participants.


Modernizing field operations through a tailored FSM implementation

After a comprehensive review, the client chose to extend its current ServiceNow Customer Service Management module, with the addition of Field Service Management (FSM). The scope of the project involved the following:

  • Platform encryption: Ensured a secure and encrypted environment, safeguarding sensitive customer and operational data
  • Work-order management: Automated work-order processes that integrated seamlessly with existing operations
  • Dispatch and routing: Created real-time resource tracking, optimized routes, and enabled the efficient dispatch of field agents
  • Field agent mobile optimization: Empowered field agents with real-time data and workflow capabilities on their mobile devices

This comprehensive solution addressed the client’s critical needs and acted as the catalyst for an operational transformation.

Managed to the timeline and resources required?


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Forging a relationship of collaboration and trust

From initial workshops to go-live, the client and Cask engaged in an alliance centered on mutual respect and understanding. Cask didn’t just bring technical expertise: It provided the client with strategic insights and a roadmap for continuous improvement. The success of the project was highlighted by the timelines maintained, the understanding of the client’s unique business needs, and the collaborative nature of the relationship. The client recognized Cask not only as a technology provider but also as a trusted partner capable of understanding and addressing complex challenges.


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