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State government streamlines IT project management



Increase in project approval speed



Reduction in administrative overhead


Enhanced platform stability

Enhanced decision-making agility


Strategic Portfolio Management: Demand Management

Strategic Portfolio Management: Project Portfolio Management


Pioneering digital governance

The client is a state-government IT office, known for its commitment to enhancing public services through technology. It plays a pivotal role in the state’s digital governance landscape. As an innovator in implementing state-wide IT initiatives, the client seeks to optimize its operations and service delivery to its citizens. This particular Strategic Portfolio Management project represents a critical step toward modernizing its IT project management capabilities, as it sought to align projects with strategic goals and deliver maximum value to its stakeholders.

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Struggling with legacy systems and disjointed processes

The client’s office of information technology services faced significant challenges in managing IT projects across various agencies. The legacy systems were inefficient, and the processes for project intake, review, notification, approval, and reporting were disjointed and time-consuming. These challenges hindered the client’s ability to effectively oversee IT projects, impacting decision-making and the allocation of resources.


Implementing a tailored Strategic Portfolio Management system

The state government partnered with Cask to revitalize its IT project management processes through ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management. The solution focused on the following:

  • Streamlining Project Intake and Approval: Automating the project intake process and integrating a comprehensive approval workflow to expedite decision-making
  • Enhancing Project Visibility and Reporting: Developing consolidated reporting tools for real-time project monitoring and decision support
  • Improving Data Collection and Management: Refining the process for gathering project data, ensuring accuracy and completeness for better project evaluation
  • Scalability for Future Growth: Creating a scalable SPM solution that could be extended to other agencies, leveraging the latest ServiceNow capabilities

This strategic overhaul not only streamlined IT operations but also equipped the state government with a robust, scalable system, ready to meet future demands and objectives efficiently.


Collaborative success through expert guidance

The client has in Cask a partner that was not just a provider of technology solutions but also a guide through the complex process of digital transformation. Cask’s commitment to understanding the unique challenges faced by the client, combined with its deep expertise in ServiceNow, enabled the delivery of a solution that was not only technically proficient but also closely aligned with the client’s strategic objectives. This partnership underscored the importance of collaboration, adaptability, and a shared vision for success.

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