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Investment management firm streamlines strategic portfolio management


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Strategic Portfolio Management: Demand Management

Strategic Portfolio Management: Project Portfolio Management


A financial powerhouse driven by strategic management

The client is a leading global investment management firm responsible for billions in assets under management across multiple investment classes. The company thrives on meticulous planning, informed decision-making, and optimized resource allocation to ensure client success. As a firm deeply invested in leveraging technology for strategic advantages, the client sought to streamline its Strategic Portfolio Management processes to better align with its mission of delivering exceptional value to investors.

the challenge

Navigating a tangled web of project management

The client’s Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) had grown over the years into a complex tangle of fields, workflows, and notifications. The system, once a tool for clarity, now had outdated fields and an overwhelming email notification system. The staff found it increasingly difficult to prioritize and manage projects effectively, leading to delays and increased costs. In addition, key attributes needed updating to align with the new “Facilities” project type, adding another layer of complexity.


A tailored cleanup with tangible outcomes

Cask came with a dual role—first, as an expert advisor and second, as a technical guide. The process involved:

  • Demand form revisions: Cask helped the client update and hide various fields, revised two key emails within the Demand workflow, and updated the “TOC” tab, enabling a smoother, less cluttered experience.
  • Change control update: Cask revised the cost plan attributes for the new “Facilities” project type. They provided a demo to make sure it met the client’s needs.
  • Requirement gathering and story creation: The Cask Solution Architect performed a meticulous requirements gathering and created development stories based on the client’s unique needs.
  • Platform best practices: Cask also advised on platform best practices, ensuring a robust, future-proof solution.

This comprehensive approach led to a streamlined SPM process that was easier to use and manage.


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