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Manufacturer transforms customer service using ServiceNow CSM


reduced time stopwatch

Reduction in case resolution time


CMDB completeness

Decrease in manual data entry


Mobile self service

Improvement in customer self-service


Customer Service Management

Performance Analytics for CSM


Driving innovation in customer interactions

The client is a renowned leader in the design, manufacturing, and service of kitchen and bath products, delivering innovative and quality solutions globally. Committed to enhancing the consumer experience, it operates across multiple markets, setting standards in comfort, craftsmanship, and functionality. This dedication to service excellence sets the stage for the client’s strategic initiative to transform its customer service management, seeking to elevate the effectiveness and efficiency of every customer interaction.

“Cask has been a great implementation partner on this project. They came up with the right suggestions as we were going through the design workshops. They have superb technical knowledge that helped us (together) convert our vision into reality. Overall it was a super experience.”

–Client Representative


Overcoming legacy limitations to deliver enhanced customer service

The client faced significant challenges in its customer service management (CSM). The existing systems were siloed and inefficient, leading to delayed case resolutions, poor visibility into service operations, and a less-than-ideal customer experience. The client had previously partnered with Cask on a successful HR service delivery (HRSD) project, setting a precedent for digital transformation within its internal operations. Leveraging this foundation, the client sought to revolutionize its customer service capabilities, aiming for a unified, scalable solution that could adapt to evolving business and customer needs.


Implementing a holistic service management solution

To address these challenges, the client embarked on the CSM project with Cask, focusing on the implementation of ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management and Performance Analytics. The project was structured around several key initiatives:

  • Unified customer service portal: Developed a comprehensive portal accommodating the client’s diverse customer base, enabling a consistent user experience across cloud, premise, and partner customers​​
  • Enhanced dashboard and reporting tools: Created manager and executive dashboards with up-to-date reports on service operations, ensuring data-driven decision-making​​
  • Streamlined case management: Standardized case management processes to improve resolution times and customer satisfaction​​
  • Integration of key systems: Successfully integrated SAP ECC/Mulesoft for seamless data flow and Active Directory for secure user authentication, enhancing operational efficiency and security​​

This multifaceted approach not only streamlined internal processes but also significantly enhanced the customer service experience, positioning the client to meet future service expectations.

Customer satisfaction

Communicated clearly throughout the project?


Understood our business requirements?


Positioned us to achieve our desired business outcomes?


Provided a high level of expertise in implementing our solution(s)?


Nurturing collaboration and innovation

The project exemplified the strength of the partnership between the client and Cask, built on mutual trust and a shared vision for excellence. From the outset, Cask was not just a service provider but a strategic advisor, contributing not only technical expertise but also insights into process optimization and customer engagement strategies. This collaboration was further enriched by the prior HRSD project, demonstrating the value of a sustained partnership in achieving continuous improvement and innovation.

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