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Public transportation provider streamlines GRC processes for enhanced risk management and compliance


CMDB go live

3.5 months from project start to go-live for phase 2


Decreased time to resolution

Reduced GRC and risk-flow cycle times


tenant reporting

Increased enterprise risk visibility


Risk: Governance, Risk and Compliance
Risk: Risk Management


Ensuring public mobility through governance and compliance

The client is an essential part of the infrastructure that serves a major metropolitan area, providing millions of trips annually across a range of public transportation options. With a focus on ensuring safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance, the client aims to make public transit a first choice for travel, thus minimizing road congestion and reducing carbon footprint. Its adoption of sophisticated governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions serves as a strategic initiative to continuously improve operational efficiency and compliance, setting the stage for the challenges that lay ahead.

the challenge

Navigating complex governance, risk, and compliance landscape

When the client sought to improve its governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) framework, it was dealing with a landscape fraught with duplicative solutions and fragmented data. Another compliance solution was in place, but it lacked the scalability and integration capabilities the client needed for a more unified risk management approach. The client’s security and risk leadership knew it had to deprecate existing isolated solutions and pivot to a more agile and integrated ServiceNow GRC module. The greatest challenge was determining how to achieve this transition smoothly, effectively, and within a short time frame.


A tailored, multiphase approach to GRC maturity

Partnering with Cask, the client initiated a multiphase ServiceNow GRC project, segmented into two primary phases: GRC MVP and GRC Phase 2. Each phase had unique objectives, defined during detailed workshops and planning sessions.

Phase 1: GRC MVP

  • Risk Management: Existing risk register, entity scoping, and prescriptive guidance for risk response management were imported.
  • Policy and Compliance: Control, attestations or indicator tasks, and policy exception lifecycle were put in place.

Phase 2: GRC Phase 2

  • Recurring Task Tracking: A GRC indicators solution was developed for recurring task tracking.
  • Maturation and Enhancement: Scope was created for ongoing maturation efforts like process maturation, third-party integrations, and additional training.

This structured approach, spearheaded by the client with support from Cask, led to tangible benefits, such as enhanced dashboard reporting and notifications for increased enterprise risk visibility.



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Crafting an aligned and agile journey

The relationship between the client and Cask was not just a transaction but a journey aimed at crafting exceptional experiences. The client found in Cask a partner that not only understood its business needs but also stayed aligned with its timelines and resources.

As the client successfully navigated its complex GRC challenges, it had a steadfast partner in Cask. Together, they turned the initial challenges into an opportunity for growth, setting the stage for future projects and ongoing GRC maturation.


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