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Integrating with ServiceNow at a federal agency to streamline emergency response



Integrated ServiceNow with identity management



5 months from project start to go-live


reduced time stopwatch

Enhanced real-time availability tracking for resources


App Engine: Now Platform App Engine

Platform Foundations: Mobile


Mobilizing to meet the demands of nature

This prominent federal agency is responsible for the oversight and management of vast resources. In line with its commitment to adaptive management and real-time coordination, the agency’s collaboration with Cask in enhancing a critical system has been instrumental in modernizing its approach and achieving more-efficient adaptability for emergency situations.

“Cask works very hard to fully understand our business need, employs people who previously worked in our industry to achieve that understanding of our business need, and makes every effort to make sure our business needs are met upon deployment and post-deployment.”

Client Representative


Facing the urgency of real-time resource management

The client faced a critical problem that required urgent resolution. The government required vendors to report the status of their own resources on the go. The challenge was two-fold:

  • How to enable resource vendors to update the status of equipment and personnel from any location
  • How to integrate this with existing government authentication portals

The traditional process was cumbersome, slow, and inadequate for responding to emergency situations. The client needed a mobile solution that could provide real-time updates and secure authentication, a unique challenge that required innovative thinking and agile execution.


Implementing a seamless mobile app for immediate response

Together with Cask, the client embarked on a mission to enhance the application for resource management, powered by the ServiceNow App Engine. The core functionality of this enhancement revolved around the following key features:

  • Integration with Achieving secure authentication through integration with government portals
  • Real-time status updates: Allowing vendors to update the availability of their resources (such as equipment) instantly from anywhere
  • Agile methodology: Running in sprints, building stories, identifying bugs, and continually enhancing the resource-management application to meet the client’s evolving needs
  • Support for urgent situations: Enabling swift and efficient response to emergencies by mobilizing resources on the go

The diligent collaboration between the client and Cask led to a robust mobile solution that made the once-difficult easy. The integration of for identity management into ServiceNow provided a seamless and secure user experience that aligned with the federal government’s standards and requirements.


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Nurturing a collaborative and innovative relationship

The partnership between the client and Cask transcended mere technological implementation, focusing on innovation and alignment with the client’s unique needs, with Cask crafting a solution tailored to the industry’s challenges. The project was marked by agility and relentless pursuit of excellence, with the client having in Cask a relationship partner that supported and enhanced the resource-management application.

The synergy between the client and Cask resulted in a massive win. The client’s transformation demonstrates how collaboration and technological integration, guided by Cask’s expertise, can turn challenges into triumphs, crafting an exceptional experience that made the difficult easy.

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