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Strategic growth and efficiency: A local utilities organization’s SPM success


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Powering the future with sustainable innovation

The client is a municipal utility committed to providing electricity, natural gas, water, and wastewater services to its community and surrounding areas. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, it strives to meet the growing needs of its customers while contributing to the environmental well-being of the region. Recognizing the potential of ServiceNow to revolutionize its strategic portfolio management, the client embarked on a journey to enhance its operational efficiency and strategic alignment.


Navigating legacy constraints for strategic growth

The client, a long-standing ServiceNow client, faced significant challenges due to accumulated technical debt on its existing platform. This debt limited its ability to deploy critical out-of-box functionalities of ServiceNow, hindering its strategic portfolio management (SPM) capabilities. As the platform matured and expanded, the client struggled to adapt its operations to leverage these advancements, resulting in inefficiencies and a lack of strategic alignment across its projects and demands.

The decision to undergo a total replatforming aimed to not only address these issues but also to capitalize on the enhanced capabilities of ServiceNow, transforming its approach to demand, project, and alignment planner workspace management. However, the transition posed its unique set of challenges, from the need to migrate vast amounts of data to ensuring all stakeholders were aligned with the new processes and tools introduced by the platform’s latest functionalities.


A tailored approach to SPM excellence

The implementation of ServiceNow SPM for the client was strategic and multifaceted. By deploying Cask’s Value Delivery Methodology (CVDM) and integrating it with ServiceNow’s Now Create methodology, Cask tailored an approach that ensured the realization of the client’s business objectives while minimizing disruption to its operations. The focus was on enhancing demand management, project management, and alignment planner workspace capabilities.

  • Demand Management: The approach streamlined the intake and categorization of demands, improving the decision-making process for project prioritization and resource allocation. The system facilitated a more organized method for capturing and evaluating demands, ensuring alignment with strategic goals.
  • Project Management: Cask introduced a more efficient project management process, incorporating best practices for scheduling, resource management, and status reporting. This enabled the client to manage projects more effectively, from initiation to closure, enhancing visibility and control over project portfolios.
  • Alignment Planner Workspace: To improve strategic alignment, Cask implemented an alignment planner workspace that provided the client with a comprehensive view of goals, targets, and work alignment. This facilitated better planning and prioritization, ensuring resources were focused on strategic initiatives.

These solutions not only met the immediate needs of the company but also positioned it to leverage future ServiceNow upgrades, ensuring its SPM practices remained cutting-edge.


Fostering collaboration and trust

The partnership between the client and Cask transcended the typical client-consultant dynamic. It was characterized by mutual respect, open communication, and a shared commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes. This collaborative approach was pivotal in navigating the complexities of the project, ensuring that the solutions implemented were not just technically sound but also aligned with the client’s strategic objectives and organizational culture.

This experience underscored the importance of partnership in driving successful digital transformation initiatives. The client emerged from this project not just with a state-of-the-art SPM solution but also with a deeper understanding of how to leverage technology to support its strategic goals.

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