Your Guide to Automating Your Security Response

Security Operations Centers Overworked, Understaffed, and Overwhelmed

Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape has left many Security Operations Centers overworked, understaffed, and overwhelmed. With never-ending alarms due to the proliferation of various tools and threat intelligence sources, this issue has become exacerbated in recent times.

This means that Security Operations Analysts have to manually spend time gathering and quantifying threats from each of these sources, using disparate tools and manual processes that can sometimes take more than 15 minutes to analyze and hours to contain these breaches.

The Answer is Automation

This can be configured and managed on the ServiceNow platform to improve the effectiveness of security operations. Download this guide and dive into the importance of automating your Security Response to alleviate your team and protect your business. 

Protect Your Organization

You’re one step closer to automating your security response!