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SPM: Supporting dramatic change in higher education

May 23, 2022

The pressure to rapidly embrace digital transformation, further accelerated by COVID-19, has forced college leadership to modernize in a way that may not have been sustainable or best practice.

  • 90% of college leaders say that digital transformation is essential to their institution’s future
  • 88% say that digital transformation has accelerated due to COVID-19
  • Only 51% said their college does a good job evaluating how well a new technology or system benefits its mission

We help universities achieve visibility and transparency into their service portfolio so they can balance transformation initiatives with day to day operations, while staying within the guardrails of their budget and resources. In this session learn:

  • How other universities are driving better return on budget through prioritized demand
  • How to maintain organizational agility through digital transformation
  • How to drive accountability and support achievement of strategic outcomes

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