Human Resources

Cask modernizes human resources with consumer-grade experiences that connect employees with the organization, while increasing engagement, productivity and brand loyalty across any device.

Modern Intranet

Our extraordinary, modern and flexible intranet solution provides curated, personalized experiences for every employee, while seamlessly connecting the enterprise.

HR Essentials

HR Essentials is an employee-centered HR Service Delivery offering powered by the ServiceNow platform..

How to Move HR Service Delivery from Confusion to Connection

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How to Move HR Service Delivery from Confusion to Connection

ServiceNow HR Case Management

Cask’s expertise in HR can help you improve employee satisfaction, automate workflows, optimize HR service delivery, and eliminate bottlenecks in your HR organization.

HR Onboarding & Transitions

Employee onboarding, offboarding & lifecycle management are some of the most complex and important components of HR, considering the HR organization is the first and last point of engagement with employees.

Employee Experience

In today’s digital age, employees expect self-service access anytime, anywhere, and on any device so they can connect with the culture and the people regardless of location.

HR Knowledge Management

Effective HR knowledge management best practices are essential for maintaining and disseminating important information across your organization. Without a smart, automated workflow in place; keeping content up to date can become a full-time job.

Growing a business has been made easier by the rise of digital technologies. Everything from cloud computing to timekeeping has made management and growth significantly more streamlined.

ServiceNow HR Service Management is a perfect example of this. Using this application can help the biggest enterprises with huge workforces to better manage their human resources which ultimately scales up productivity and improves the bottom line.

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ServiceNow HR Case Management Services

With the help of our team, you can leverage ServiceNow to boost your company’s existing HR solutions and obtain the following capabilities:

Integration equals Efficiency

By using ServiceNow, companies are able to integrate several automated HR functions for a more seamless operation with improved efficiency and productivity.

Better Visibility

Using a comprehensive program allows the HR department to get the best vantage point. This is further enhanced by ServiceNow’s ability to create personalized reports for faster resolution of issues and fulfillment of requests.

Sense of Ownership 

ServiceNow HRSM allows employees to take charge of their own requests. With these tools, employees are empowered to take ownership of their own cases. This saves time for the company while also creating a culture of accountability and empowerment.

Strategies of Implementation

Regardless of whether a new system is a game-changer or not, its implementation, especially in large enterprises, is of utmost importance. The transition must be smooth to prevent any disruption to its operations that could lead to the loss of resources.

Because of this, we’ve developed steps to ensure a seamless transition wherever the company is with the implementation of ServiceNow HR Service Management.

Our Process

  • We start by learning about your business’ HR operations and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Our specialists will then work with your HR department to define all technical requirements for successful implementation of the new ServiceNow platform

  • The collaboration plan we come up with will make sure that the new platform will be able to comply with the apps you are already using.

  • We launch your new ServiceNow HR Service Management platform

  • Our team stays on top of your implementation, monitoring performance, and offering maintenance and support whenever needed.

ServiceNow HR Module Consulting Services

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