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A global leader in digital payments

The client stands at the forefront of the digital payments industry, facilitating transactions across millions of merchants, financial institutions, and consumers worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and security, the client continuously seeks to enhance its operational efficiency and customer experience. The collaboration with Cask on the HRSD project represents a strategic move to streamline HR processes, embodying the client’s dedication to leveraging technology for operational excellence and employee satisfaction.

“We really appreciate the partnership and how well [Cask] works with our centers of excellence to ensure the product we are delivering is excellent.”

– Client Representative


Navigating complex HR processes with precision

For this digital payments leader, managing human resources operations efficiently was paramount to maintaining its position as a leader in the global payments industry. The company faced the significant challenge of streamlining its HR processes, particularly in onboarding and transitioning employees. The existing systems were not equipped to handle the complexities of the client’s dynamic work environment, leading to inefficiencies and delays. Moreover, ensuring secure access to HR cases for external pre-hires presented a unique challenge, given the client’s stringent security requirements. The client needed a solution that could not only improve its HR operations but also align with its high security and operational standards.


Empowering HR efficiency through innovation

Cask stepped in to guide the client through a transformative HR Service Delivery (HRSD) project. The collaboration focused on implementing ServiceNow’s Employee Center Pro application and Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions application, tailored to meet the client’s specific needs. Key aspects of the solution included the following:

  • Streamlining onboarding processes: Cask designed a comprehensive preboarding process for new hires, incorporating custom activities, flows, and elements to make the onboarding experience smoother and more engaging.
  • Enhancing security for external access: A custom security solution was developed to allow external pre-hires secure access to HR cases, addressing the client’s strict security protocols.
  • Beyond-the-Box Solutions: The Cask team delivered functionality that exceeded initial expectations, including a richer experience for pre-hires through Now Mobile and Manager Hub, demonstrating a deep understanding of the client’s needs and the flexibility to adapt solutions accordingly.

These strategic improvements transformed how the client manages HR processes, elevating the employee experience and ensuring security protocols are seamlessly integrated without compromising efficiency.


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Building on trust and expertise

The partnership between the client and Cask was marked by mutual respect, deep engagement, and a shared commitment to excellence. The success of this project was underpinned by the collective effort of both teams to address and overcome challenges, leading to a streamlined, efficient HR operation that meets the high standards the client sets for itself and its partners. Through this journey, the client not only achieved its immediate HRSD goals but also laid the groundwork for ongoing improvements and innovations in its HR processes.

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