Automate claims for a better customer experience

Connected Claims Management automates the claims process to make your customers lives easier when they need it most.

Is your current claims experience making your customers’ toughest moments even harder?

Outdated, disjointed claims systems are expensive and hard to update.

Lack of connected digital workflow leading to inefficiency and improved performance.

Legacy systems don’t support modern experiences customers expect.

Information scattered across platforms makes it impossible to confidently provide customer service.

Too many emails and manual forms mean errors and added expense.

Manual processes can’t scale, keeping data stuck in silos. Data quickly becomes inaccurate, and employees struggle with inefficiency.


Hi. We’re Cask.

We help clients create world-class employee and customer experiences, that drive fierce customer loyalty, improve employee satisfaction and increase efficiencies.


Reduced Cost.
Increased Efficiency.
Stand-Out Customer Experience.

  • Pre-built use cases for the full claims lifecycle
  • Engagement Workflow leveraging Advanced Agent
  • Omni-Channel, consumer-grade experience
  • Intelligent workflow & process automation
  • Smart claims triage & intelligent processing
  • Highly personalized & tailored for various personas
  • Seamless integrations with ServiceNow Integration Hub
  • Intelligent dashboards & custom playbooks
  • Integrated FSO data model = no / low code configuration

Ditch the fluffy talk for measurable results.

Clients who use Connected Claims Management to digitize their claims process experience results like these:

Double profits over next 5 years with digitized solution
Reduced gap between customer and employee NPS
Reduction in cost of claims journey

Can you see it now?

Being there for your customers in the moments that matter.

Imagine a world where your customers feel connected and cared for in their most challenging moments. A world where your agents are able to quickly and seamlessly capture key claims information without the need for swivel chair between systems. A world where you are meeting both profitability and customer experience objectives while reducing costs.

The Future of Claims Experience is Now.

Digitized workflow on the ServiceNow platform is enabling better customer and employee experiences for less cost.

Connect with us today to learn more about how Connected Claims Management can work for you.