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ServiceNow app development: Top 8 questions answered

Are you struggling to decipher the mystery of low-code application development platforms?

Today's businesses face a myriad of challenges from managing complex workflows to ensuring optimal user experiences and accelerating digital transformation. One powerful solution for these obstacles is custom application development in ServiceNow.

Let's demystify this topic by exploring the answers to 8 of the most common questions our clients have about App Development in ServiceNow.

1. Is ServiceNow the right app development platform for us?

Selecting the right app development platform is crucial. If you require rapid time to value and a high degree of flexibility–and could benefit from sharing data across teams–ServiceNow is an excellent choice. ServiceNow excels in areas of service management and operations, making it a solid option for streamlining digital workflows. By leveraging ServiceNow's robust API capabilities, you can integrate with external systems for more efficient workflows. It’s especially effective when you need to extend the capabilities of an existing ServiceNow product.

When not to go with ServiceNow? Developing in ServiceNow may not be your best bet if you need specific niche technical functionality such as CAD or Esri. You also don’t want to attempt building solutions that intend to replace existing core product functionality.

2. What is a “low-code” platform, and how can I use it?

A significant advantage of ServiceNow's App Engine is its low-code capabilities. Low-code development platforms enable creators and citizen developers to design applications with minimal hand-coding, speeding up the app development lifecycle. They use visual interfaces with simple logic and drag-and-drop features instead of extensive coding languages. This characteristic allows businesses to extend the capabilities of the ServiceNow instance without requiring an in-depth knowledge of coding.

With ServiceNow, you can configure workflows and build apps tailored to your business needs without having extensive coding knowledge. Pre-built templates can also significantly speed up the development process and ensure consistency across applications. Creator Workflows provide a structured path for creators to develop, test, and publish applications.

ServiceNow's low-code platform provides a foundation for a quicker and more efficient application development process. The ability to use low-code capabilities also means lower costs associated with hiring specialized developers and coders.

3. Should I leverage existing ServiceNow products or App Engine?

Determining when to use an existing ServiceNow product, such as HR Service Delivery or Security Incident Response, and when to use App Engine to develop a new solution, can be hard to identify.

Begin by understanding your business challenges and audience. Consider factors like compliance and federal regulations and your timeline to deliver value. For instance, if you face a unique requirement like 508 compliance for accessibility and the out-of-the-box ServiceNow platform cannot meet it, you might need to extend an existing product and develop additional features through the App Engine.

4. How do I decide whether to build or wait for an out-of-box solution?

Once you've defined your need, conduct a gap analysis to compare the current state with your desired future state. Review ServiceNow's product roadmap for upcoming version releases to see if they include the functionality you need.

If the existing ServiceNow product doesn't meet your needs, plan to leverage the ServiceNow App Engine. Remember that your development tools should be future-proof and shouldn’t prevent future product upgrades.

5. How do I build in ServiceNow without compromising maintainability?

When implementing, always adhere to best practices in leveraging the ServiceNow platform. ServiceNow is an innovation engine, built to empower you to innovate and create custom applications. Accelerate value by creating custom widgets and applications, but be cautious when customizing the ServiceNow products.

Making smart decisions when customizing ServiceNow products is an essential responsibility. It’ll let you continue extracting value from your ServiceNow investment, maintain a healthy platform that conforms to ServiceNow's Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR), and execute timely, seamless upgrades.

Use the ServiceNow value scores to decide whether to pursue proposed customizations. This tool can help determine whether customizing would make sense without hurting your ServiceNow investment and its ability to expand.

6. How do I build solutions people will actually want to use?

Improving customer experiences is key for stronger user adoption. If you're receiving low customer satisfaction scores on your surveys, consider leveraging the ServiceNow App Engine and a citizen developer approach to enhance your custom applications. It's also crucial to apply design thinking principles to develop human-centered design solutions. This can lead to more appealing custom applications that users actually want to use.

7. Can I create mobile-friendly applications?

ServiceNow provides a dedicated mobile app experience, allowing you to deliver superior user experiences. Users can interact with the developed applications on-the-go, enhancing their accessibility and use cases.

The mobile experiences created by ServiceNow ensure that users can access the services and functionalities of the app whenever required, thereby improving the user interface and customer satisfaction. Make use of interactive dashboards to monitor app performance and usage, ensuring you keep on top of user needs and continually improve your applications.

8. Are there examples of people getting it right?

Yes! Learning from practical examples is an excellent way to get a handle on the capabilities of ServiceNow application development. For instance, one of the standout examples is the wildfire management application known as IROC. It was developed to address inconsistencies in fire reporting and high support costs. By leveraging the ServiceNow App Engine, value was quickly delivered for this unique business case.

ServiceNow application development is a powerful tool for digital transformation and process automation. But it's essential to know when and how to use it to optimize your business processes and enhance your user experiences. By keeping these ten essentials in mind, you can leverage ServiceNow for successful app development and achieve your business goals.

We’re with you for what comes next

You're working in a rapidly shifting environment.

Global dynamics, AI advancements, heavy competition–the only certainty is change.

We get it. And we’re here to help you harness the full potential of ServiceNow to simplify transformation.

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ServiceNow app development: Unlock potential now

Unlock the secrets to successful app development with ServiceNow. Learn how to navigate common challenges and harness the power of the App Engine.

We’re with you for what comes next

You're working in a rapidly shifting environment.

Global dynamics, AI advancements, heavy competition–the only certainty is change.

We get it. And we’re here to help you harness the full potential of ServiceNow to simplify transformation.

Let's navigate the future together.


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