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City empowers renters and landlords with groundbreaking App Engine solutions


tenant reporting

Increased tenant reporting efficiency


property lookup

Enhanced property lookup functionality for both tenants and landlords


approval process

Streamlined review and approval process for rent-stabilized units across the city


App Engine: App Engine for CSM

App Engine: Now Platform App Engine

Platform Foundations: Service Portal


Commitment to community

The client is dedicated to providing support and resources to the renters and landlords of the city, ensuring access to affordable housing and maintaining rent stability across the community. With a focus on enhancing property lookup functions, enabling landlord verification, and streamlining the tenant appeals process, the client plays an integral role in safeguarding housing rights and welfare within the city. Its collaboration with Cask aimed to leverage innovative technology to further these goals, a partnership that set the stage for an ambitious initiative to revamp the city’s housing support systems.

“Cask is attentive to our requirements and adapts to our evolving needs.”

Client Representative


Bridging the gap between renters and landlords

The city was grappling with an array of tenant-landlord issues, ranging from complex approval procedures for rent-stabilized units to discrepancies in rent reporting. It was also hindered by multiple legacy databases and manual processes that created barriers to communication and efficiency.

The client had a pressing need to address these challenges with a modern, scalable solution. It needed to enhance tenant rights awareness, streamline the property lookup process, and simplify the rent registry system—all while ensuring affordability and compliance with local regulations.


Implementing a comprehensive, user-centric system

The client and Cask developed a custom app project that would transform the city’s housing management system. The project entailed several key objectives:

  • Tenant-reported rent: An app to allow tenants to report the rent they paid, ensuring access to affordable housing and examining potential discrepancies
  • Property lookup: Enabling tenants and landlords to search for specific properties, view rent costs, and be better informed of their rights and unlawful rent increases
  • Rent registry: A complex undertaking to move the existing process into ServiceNow, including property verification, annual notifications, and integration with other functionalities
  • Enrichment and general activities: Supporting the client with ongoing enhancements, SSO, data integrations, and user data enrichment

By leveraging the capabilities of ServiceNow App Engine, the solution provided the client with innovative, automated systems that revolutionized the way it managed renter and landlord issues. Furthermore, the transition of legacy data into an integrated, callable API enhanced the overall efficiency of the system.


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Building a collaborative pathway to success

The collaboration was marked by attentiveness, adaptability, and a shared commitment to the project’s success. Cask’s role in this partnership was more than just technical guidance: It was about building a relationship that understood the client’s evolving needs. From facilitating working sessions and defining goals to meticulous design, development, and testing, the client and Cask worked together with mutual trust and a cohesive partnership. The agile approach ensured that the client’s vision was translated into reality, with ample room for realignment and new requests. The client and Cask were able to cocreate exceptional experiences that made the difficult easy, fulfilling the client’s aspirations.

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