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Law firm achieves dynamic workplace transformation with ServiceNow


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Commitment to legal excellence and innovation

A distinguished mid-sized law firm with 16 offices across the United States, the client has established itself as a leader in providing comprehensive legal services in a variety of practice areas, including intellectual property, regulatory affairs, and litigation. Known for its commitment to client-centric legal solutions, the firm prides itself on its innovative approach to legal practice, leveraging technology and modern workspaces to enhance its service delivery.

This forward-thinking mindset led the firm to seek out a streamlined, technologically advanced solution for its evolving workplace needs, setting the stage for its collaboration with Cask in transforming its workspace management.

“Cask is the second implementation partner I worked with, and they have far exceeded my previous experience. I would recommend them to anyone implementing ServiceNow.”

Client Representative


the challenge

Adapting to a hybrid work model with disparate systems

The client faced a significant challenge in transitioning to a hybrid work environment. Previously, its employees were accustomed to a traditional five-day office week, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced a shift to a fully remote model. As the firm adapted to hybrid work, with staff spending two to three days a week in the office, the need for a consolidated and efficient office and space management system became crucial.

The existing process—fragmented across multiple platforms for various office needs like reserving conference rooms, requesting catering, using AV equipment, and booking desks—was cumbersome and inefficient. This disjointed system led to operational inefficiencies and a lack of cohesion in managing the dynamic needs of a hybrid workforce.


Implementing a unified workplace service delivery system

The client and Cask collaborated to address these challenges by implementing ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery and Reservation Management systems, creating a cohesive and efficient workspace management solution for the client. The approach was multifaceted:

  • Integrated office management: Cask mapped floor plans for all 16 offices of the client into the system, creating a unified platform for office space management.
  • Seamless reservation system: Integration with Outlook allowed bidirectional booking of conference rooms, simplifying the reservation process.
  • Streamlined administrative processes: Office managers gained a comprehensive view of all reservations and services, along with automated notifications, significantly reducing administrative burdens.
  • Enhanced workspace utilization: The new system facilitated a transition toward more collaborative spaces and fewer dedicated desks, improving overall space utilization.
  • Data-driven decision-making: The implementation enabled tracking of key performance indicators like desk vs. conference room utilization and booking trends across home and travel offices.

This strategic implementation not only replaced two legacy systems but also paved the way for future advancements in process automation and transparency through a planned client portal.


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Fostering a collaborative and forward-thinking partnership

The relationship between the client and Cask transcends a typical client-consultant dynamic, evolving into a collaborative and strategic partnership. This partnership is characterized by Cask’s commitment to understanding the client’s unique business needs and working closely with the firm to design a solution that not only addresses its immediate challenges but also sets the stage for long-term innovation and growth.

The ongoing strategic partnership under a managed services model, delivered as Cask Reserve, means that the client has continuous access to a dedicated team of experts, ensuring that it is always equipped with the latest functionalities and support for its ServiceNow platform. This model of engagement demonstrates a deep alignment with the client’s vision, fostering a relationship built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to achieving lasting, impactful results.


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