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Embrace the Future with ServiceNow Vancouver

Innovate with ServiceNow’s Vancouver release. As your upgrade partner, Cask deploys seasoned experts to turn complexities into streamlined processes and enhanced automation, lighting your path toward a future-ready organization.

Learn About New Features

Benefit from our practitioner-led understanding to ensure you’re taking advantage of the latest features & functionality. Learn about notable changes, available fixes, and new ways to extract more value from your existing ServiceNow investment.

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Upgrade Your Business Impact

ServiceNow gets stronger with every new release. With our domain and technical expertise spanning the platform, we can guide you and help assess which products could help drive business outcomes for your organization.

Revitalize Your Instance

Move from an over-customized, underperforming instance to a streamlined, efficient one by leveraging the latest ServiceNow release. As your trusted partner for getting back to “out of box”, Cask provides platform architecture guidance to ensure your platform gets back to best practice and stays there.

Vancouver Highlights


Experience Automation

Upgrade to a ServiceNow release that integrates processes seamlessly, streamlines design and implementation, and automates repetitive tasks.


Robust Integration

Simplify cross-platform connectivity with upgraded spokes and new Integration Hub features.


Generative AI

Leverage Generative AI Controller for summarization, content generation, and Q&A.


Process Enhancement Tools

Use Flow Designer and Process Automation Designer for workflow optimization and management

The Automation Engine provides powerful tools for orchestrating processes, integrating systems, and leveraging AI.

  • Enables automation, connection, and orchestration of processes
  • Supports human Interactive Task Learning (ITL) & straight-through processing
  • Features a custom integration builder and Integration Connectors, Templates & Solutions
  • Offers Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Connectors, Templates & Solutions, both attended and unattended
  • Includes AI-powered continual learning, goal tracking, and ROI tracking
  • Has an operations and health management system
  • Supports discovery and prioritization, assembly and lifecycle management
  • Provides the ability to publish and process Kafka events natively
  • Allows creating and monitoring topic consumers

Flow Designer and Process Automation Designer have received quality-of-life enhancements, leading to improved performance and usability.

  • Significant performance improvements (up to 60% reduction in flow load time, 98% reduction in adding subflows, and 99% in flow logic optimization)
  • Enhanced theming and streamlined Flow Reporting Levels
  • Allows enabling of subflows in Diagramming View and stages on subflows
  • Revamped homepage, providing quick access to recently worked-on application files, teammate projects, execution status, and resources
  • Introduced dynamic inputs, ad-hoc forms within Flow inputs
  • Now assist recommendations provide the next best action based on Generative AI
  • Ability to re-run Flow starting from selected Action with "Go Back To" feature

The Integration Hub now includes Spoke Generators and import enhancements, providing more control over integration and data mapping.

  • New and updated spokes, including those for Slack, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Calendly, DocuSign, and others
  • Supports using IntegrationHub Spokes as external triggers in Flow Designer
  • Enhancements to import capabilities enable multiple target tables that can be easily configured on the "Map to Target" page.

The Next Experience/UI Builder has been enhanced with a variety of new features for better user interaction and design capabilities.

  • Guided tours have been introduced for a more interactive experience
  • Email in Workspace has been improved, offering the ability to compose emails from Activity Stream, drag and drop addresses, and add attachments when forwarding
  • Introduced a What's New modal to help users discover and learn about new features
  • Enhanced styling with visually intuitive controls, progressive disclosure, and contextually aware toolbox
  • Preview pages without saving, and undo/redo changes, even across saves
  • Functionality added to easily duplicate dashboards and tabs

Platform Security now offers a comprehensive suite of tools to increase trust and protect sensitive data.

  • Introduced ServiceNow Vault for better control over data privacy and security
  • Zero trust approach with location-based access and policy-based session access
  • Introduced Access Analyzer to diagnose why a user, group, or role can or cannot access resource(s)
  • Security attributes introduced to reduce the complexity of defining security controls
  • Developers can now define independent login experiences for web and native mobile apps
  • ServiceNow Vault now allows the phone number E164 and email field to be selected in Encrypted Field Configuration with CLE Enterprise

The search functionality has been improved for a more efficient and easier user experience.

  • Improved visual indicators, showing parent records for attachments and tab count indicators
  • Or-based multi-select facets for more user flexibility and easy configuration for admins
  • Enhanced search styling for better user experience

The text-to-code feature enables code generation from plain text, paving the way for easy, low-code development.

  • Generates JavaScript from plain text, broadening accessibility for non-coders
  • New users can learn usage via a guided tour across 233 script fields
  • Code is written as comments or docstrings, then converted to executable code using specific commands
  • Offers a preview before code is executed, which can be accepted or rejected
  • Reduces scripting time, speeding up go-live process and increasing productivity
  • Ideal for citizen developers, eliminating the need for advanced scripting knowledge
  • Aims to quickly deliver value to ServiceNow customers through zero-code solutions

Some other interesting features of the Vancouver release include a new data type – Geo Point for storing geolocation data, a new status field for incidents, and the ability to check the status of jobs right from the instance list.


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