Every moment I’ve spent working with Cask has been phenomenal. If I had to choose just one phrase to describe them, it would be ‘above and beyond.’”

Government Agency Representative

Call center Agent

What Is Your Favorite Part about Working with Cask?

“The people. They are phenomenal people to work with and great people to be around. It never felt like a drag to work with them. Cask always showed concern for us and the project; we could not have asked for more.”

Go-Live in Less Than 4 Months

Comprehensive, Centralized End-User Support

Modernized Case Management with Workflow Automation

HR and Training Solutions at a State Level

This government agency provides a learning management system that offers support for eligible employees at a state level. With over 40,000 users in its system, it empowers employees with the education they need to thrive both professionally and personally.


Developing a Comprehensive Support Center

Before implementing ServiceNow CSM with Cask, the team was manually managing highly complex service requests. Its small but determined team relied on emails and phone calls to resolve issues, but workflows were easily interrupted or confused.

“We spent a lot of time just sorting through and managing requests,” says the team’s system manager. “Our solutions were archaic, with nothing to support our case management. We didn’t really have a help desk.”


Transparent, Results-Driven Project and Change Management

Cask brought best practices based on deep expertise and experience in the customer service management field. This enabled staff to reimagine their approach and confront customer and employee pain points.

Strategically, Cask walked the team through each step of the case management process with clear documentation, timelines, and weekly meetings. Offering roadmapping and forecasting, they didn’t only implement ServiceNow CSM: They taught operations how to use it themselves, utilizing its newest evolutions to expand case usage, enhance change management initiatives, streamline case management efforts, and deliver desired results—all while staying within a strict budget.

Cask didn’t simply implement a solution: They empowered the government agency’s team with the secret behind improved processes and support.

A Trusted Partnership

The government agency’s openness to Cask’s expertise set them up for success from the start. Beyond deep expertise and technical knowledge of ServiceNow, the Cask team offered something unique: transparent, easy, and strategic change management—throughout every step of the process.

On top of the seamless technical and strategic experiences the client has had with Cask, they cite the team’s culture as the best part of working with them. “They are amazing people to work with. Every moment I’ve spent working with Cask has been phenomenal. If I had to choose just one phrase to describe them, it would be ‘above and beyond.’”

What Is ServiceNow CSM?

Deliver excellent customer service solutions for every end user with comprehensive best practices and powerful capabilities, including the following:

  • Agent Workspace
  • Case Management
  • Live Chat
  • Virtual Agent
  • Self-Service
  • Knowledge Management
  • Case Management
  • Engagement Messenger
  • Digital Portfolio Management
  • And more

With ServiceNow CSM, you can offer a frictionless customer experience by empowering your staff with proactive, collaborative, and efficient workflows designed to help your organization work better.

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