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Major higher education system unlocks efficient service management and HR process automation


HR workflows

Automated critical HR workflows


roadmap development

Advanced roadmap developed for the ServiceNow platform


reduce process turnaround

Significant reduction in process turnaround times


App Engine


Empowering economic growth through education

The client, a large public higher education system in New England, is a complex ecosystem of over a dozen public colleges and universities. These institutions strive to offer affordable, innovative, and rigorous programs that empower students to achieve their personal and career goals while contributing to the state’s economic growth.

“Cask went above and beyond in a short period to not only roadmap our product, but also build out a departmental app. The whole group was on task, flexible, and engaging. Would highly recommend for future projects.”

Client Representative


the challenge

Addressing process inefficiencies

The client relied on the ServiceNow IT Service Management application to manage several critical functions, including incident management, change management, and knowledge management. Despite its existing utilization of ServiceNow, the system lacked the capability for service request submission and ticket category creation. Further, the HR department faced pressing needs for automation, specifically for their request to fill (RTF) process. The need for a comprehensive assessment and a roadmap for platform maturation became apparent, along with the need to automate several critical HR workflows.


A tailored roadmap for efficient ITSM and HR process automation

Understanding the client’s challenges, Cask deployed a dual strategy. First, it performed a comprehensive assessment of the client’s existing ServiceNow platform and provided a roadmap detailing steps toward platform maturation. This roadmap offered valuable insights into the client’s business needs, objectives, and the path toward enhanced ITSM. Second, Cask used ServiceNow’s App Engine to automate the RTF process, an immediate priority for the HR team. The result was a tailored system that addressed the client’s unique needs and delivered measurable improvements in both ITSM and HR workflows.


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Nurturing collaboration and innovation

The client–Cask partnership exemplified the power of collaboration and innovation. Cask’s team was not just a technical consultant; it was an active partner that understood the client’s business needs and requirements deeply. It showcased flexibility, engagement, and task adherence, thereby fostering a relationship based on mutual trust and shared goals. By working hand in hand, the client and Cask could collectively unlock the potential of ServiceNow, creating a roadmap for improved ITSM and automating critical HR processes, thus building a foundation for ongoing collaboration and success.


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