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Public financial management organization enhances communication with ServiceNow App Engine


reduce process turnaround

Reduced feedback processing time



Improved decision-making efficiency


CMDB go live

2.5 months from project start to go-live


App Engine: Now Platform App Engine


Centralizing financial excellence

The client, a key division of a major agency, specializes in managing finances, collecting revenue, and overseeing currency production. Its mission to promote financial integrity and operational efficiency involves managing extensive financial operations. This role required an efficient internal communication and decision-making process, leading to its partnership with Cask.

“Cask takes the steps required to get the results needed.”

– Client Representative


Navigating complex feedback dynamics

The client faced challenges in effectively gathering and processing feedback about change initiatives within its vast structure. Cumbersome existing mechanisms led to inefficient decision-making. The challenge was not just technical but also involved understanding nuanced needs and creating a user-friendly solution.


A tailored feedback platform

Cask’s approach was to deploy ServiceNow App Engine, but with a twist: The project, initially perceived as straightforward, required significant customization to truly meet the client’s unique needs. Key aspects of the solution included the following:

  • A feedback form accessible via desktop and mobile, ensuring ease of use and broad accessibility
  • Real-time chat features for immediate communication
  • Interactive data visuals for clear and actionable feedback analysis
  • A comprehensive data model for robust feedback management

This solution enabled the organization to streamline its feedback process, ensuring that insights from those reporting on organizational change intiatives were rapidly processed and acted upon.

Customer satisfaction

Managed project timeline effectively?


Communicated clearly throughout the project?


Provided a high level of expertise in implementing our solution?


Cultivating a synergistic relationship

For the client, the partnership with Cask was more than just a vendor-client interaction: It was a journey of mutual growth and understanding. Cask’s commitment went beyond technical expertise; it provided strategic counsel and adapted swiftly to changing requirements, ensuring that the client’s vision for a feedback-friendly environment was realized. Its agility in meeting tight deadlines, especially in light of the preestablished go-live date, was particularly commendable.

photo of financial professionals using servicenow app engine

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