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Nonprofit software provider advances security and risk management with ServiceNow


CMDB go live

3.5 months from project start to go-live for security


Asset 71@2x

Full transition to ServiceNow for in-scope processes


Asset 72@2x

Centralized risk monitoring through NIST, PCI frameworks


Asset 73@2x

Eliminated manual data input, reducing human error


Security: Configuration Compliance

Risk: Risk Management

GRC: Risk Advanced Management


Empowering good through exceptional software solutions

The client is a global leader in software and services designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, serving over 40,000 clients across the globe. With a focus on driving social good, the client’s software solutions enable nonprofit organizations to raise funds, manage constituent relationships, and execute impactful campaigns with enhanced efficiency. The client’s particular interest in streamlining its IT service management operations became a critical focal point, setting the stage for an innovative partnership with Cask.

“Cask sets itself apart by having a team of consultants who have security and GRC experience. This is critical to understanding our requirements and implementing them efficiently.”

Client Representative


the challenge

Battling fragmented processes and manual overheads

The client was a powerhouse in providing software solutions to nonprofit organizations, but it grappled with its internal policy and compliance management. Using outdated methods like spreadsheets and disparate systems made data handling cumbersome. Additionally, the risk-monitoring framework lacked standardization, relying heavily on manual inputs, thereby increasing the risk of errors.

The client’s challenges extended to governance issues, as the existing system failed to align with its strategic vision. The company needed to modernize its policy and compliance practices to create a unified, scalable system.


Achieving seamless integration and standardization

Upon partnering with Cask, the client aimed to leverage the potential of ServiceNow’s Policy and Compliance Management application. Here’s how the transformation played out:

  • Standardization: Cask helped the client establish standardized procedures for policy management, control management, and issue management. The aim was to unify compliance processes to make data handling more effective.
  • Advanced risk assessment: Through ServiceNow’s Advanced Risk framework, Cask equipped the client with robust mechanisms for risk identification and monitoring.
  • Automated workflow: One of the most striking features was the automation of issue remediation exception activities, drastically reducing the risk of human errors and creating a seamless data flow.
  • Long-term vision: Apart from addressing immediate needs, Cask also provided a roadmap for future enhancements in the client’s ServiceNow GRC capabilities, including Advanced Core features.
  • CMDB maturity: Cask’s expertise led to the implementation of CMDB maturity guidelines, thereby enhancing the capabilities of ServiceNow GRC for the client.

Aligning with the client’s strategic vision, Cask brought thought leadership, functional expertise, and certified technical experiences to help the company successfully achieve its desired outcomes with ServiceNow digital transformation.



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Crafting a future-ready compliance framework together

The client didn’t just receive a plug-and-play solution from Cask: It found a relationship partner committed to its long-term success. Cask offered more than technical solutions—it guided the client through the complexities of policy and compliance management, equipping it to navigate future challenges independently. From the first sprint to go-live, the client witnessed the dedication of Cask’s consultants, all of whom brought valuable GRC experience to the table. This partnership ensured that the client not only met its objectives but exceeded them as well, setting the stage for future innovations in its ServiceNow journey.

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