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Medical school streamlines IT services with ServiceNow ITOM Discovery


CMDB go live

5 months from project start to go-live


centralized customer support model

Centralized and standardized student and employee services


change process

Improved visibility into IT data and assets


ITOM: Discovery


Empowering healthcare education and innovation

This public medical school in the northeast is at the forefront of medical education, research, and healthcare innovation, consistently aiming to do more with existing resources. With a vision to expand and organize its technological footprint, the client focuses on simplifying, automating, and providing greater visibility into IT data and assets, striving to centralize and standardize student and employee services. In the pursuit of these ambitious goals, the client sought to implement best practice configurations in IT Operations Management (ITOM), a project that led to collaboration with Cask to improve and expand its use of the ServiceNow Discovery tool.

“Cask was incredible because of their in-depth knowledge of Discovery.”

Client representative


the challenge

Navigating complex IT environments with limited resources

The client faced the pressing need to expand and organize its footprint on the ServiceNow platform. Like many higher education institutions, the challenge of “doing more with less” was ever-present. Resource constraints demanded a technology platform to simplify, automate, and provide greater visibility into IT data and assets.

Moreover, the client sought a robust solution for managing configuration items (CIs) in their environment, increasing CMDB accuracy, and instrumenting the ServiceNow Discovery tool. The overarching goal was to centralize and standardize student and employee services, gain analytics-based decision-making abilities, and consolidate various tools and processes.


Implementing discovery for holistic view and automation

Cask offered the client a comprehensive solution to their complex problem. It followed a carefully structured approach of seven stages, beginning with an envisioning stage and culminating in a transition stage for post-go-live support. Each stage was meticulously planned and executed, encompassing everything from assessing the current state and comprehensive design planning to training, knowledge transfer, and lessons learned after the successful release to production.

Through this process, the client and Cask collaborated to refine foundational CMDB features and functionality, improving the delivery and user experience of IT data and assets. Furthermore, they expanded the capabilities and usage of the ServiceNow Discovery tool, enriching existing data.

This multifaceted approach allowed the client to

  • centralize and standardize student and employee services;
  • gain access to industry-leading reporting capabilities for future analytics-based decisions; and
  • consolidate different tools and processes, paving the way for future phases of development.

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