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State government implements self-service, streamlining IT service management


services identified

2800+ ticket categories reconciled



Self-service UI with virtual agent



High customer satisfaction levels


ITSM: Change Management

ITSM: Incident Management


ITSM: ITSM Standard Features

ITSM: Performance Analytics for Service Management

ITSM: Problem Management

ITSM: Request Management

ITSM: Service Operations Workspace ITSM Applications

ITSM: Virtual Agent for ITSM


Embracing technology for effective governance

The client, a state government entity, plays a critical role in governing and providing services to its residents. With a mission to leverage technology for improving government operations, the office of information technology is at the forefront of implementing innovative solutions. Recognizing the need for advanced IT service management to better serve its constituents, the client sought out a transformative journey, aiming to revolutionize its ITSM processes and enhance service delivery.

“Cask has been a true partner, understanding our goals and challenges and helping us to implement a strong operation and enterprise platform.”

– Client Representative


Navigating complex and inefficient IT service management

The client faced a convoluted user and help desk experience due to its reliance on overworked, customized legacy solutions. The existing setup lacked streamlined processes for incident and problem management, resulting in inefficient service portfolio and catalog management. This situation called for a significant transformation to enhance efficiency and user experience in IT service management.


Implementing a comprehensive ITSM strategy

In response to these challenges, Cask played a pivotal role in overhauling the client’s ITSM processes. The solution involved reconciling a complex web of over 2,800 ticket categories and over 600 fulfillment groups into a manageable structure of 40 business services.

A user-friendly self-service interface—including a virtual agent, knowledge base, and more—was delivered. This transformation led to employees expressing high satisfaction with the new solution, appreciating the transparency and efficiency it brought to their operations.

The solution’s success was rooted in its user-centric design and comprehensive approach to addressing the client’s ITSM challenges.


Understood our business requirements?


Managed project timeline effectively?


Communicated clearly throughout the project?


Positioned us to achieve our desired business outcomes?


Provided a high level of expertise in implementing our solution(s)?


Collaborating for transformational change

Throughout this project, the partnership between the client and Cask was characterized by mutual respect, understanding, and commitment to achieving excellence in IT service management. This partnership was not just about implementing a technical solution: It was about empowering the client’s team with the knowledge and skills to manage its ServiceNow applications independently. The experience exemplifies how effective collaboration and expertise can lead to transformative outcomes in public-sector IT operations.

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