Maximize ServiceNow’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance Suite of Tools

Manual, siloed work models are no longer useful in an evolving global regulatory environment. Organizations must quickly adapt as new mandates and regulations roll out regularly.

But without an integrated view of potential risks, many companies are unable to quickly assess how changes to compliance obligations impact their risk posture.ServiceNow’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance suite of tools helps businesses adopt new business models, establish new partner relationships, deploy new technologies, and get ahead of new threats and cyber risks.

Policy and Compliance Management

This module provides a centralized platform for policy creation and management. Cask artisan engineers work with you to establish standards and internal control procedures for cross-mapping to best practices and other external regulations.

Audit Management

Stop manually auditing processes! With the ServiceNow Audit Management platform, Cask helps you automate your company’s workstream management for internal auditing while optimizing resource usage and productivity.

Risk Management

How to identify the impact of risk on your business processes and organization as a whole using ServiceNow Governance Risk and Compliance.

Unified Compliance Framework (UCF)

Unified Compliance involves integrating the processes and tools needed to harmonize an organization’s compliance requirements.

Report on Compliance

Report on Compliance (RoC) is a form that must be completed by Level 1 Visa merchants undergoing a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) audit. Cask helps you configure ServiceNow capabilities to automate many RoC-creation tasks and ensure all required testing procedures are executed automatically for compliance confirmation.

ServiceNow GRC Use Cases

As technology evolves in the digital age, so do the threats that surround systems of value. For businesses, protecting themselves from these threats is a constant challenge that requires commitment and ingenuity.

The first step in making sure security holds up is gaining a deeper understanding of the risks involved.  This is what ServiceNow’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance suite of tools does. In a nutshell, this offers organizations modules that have frameworks, risk assessments, automated notifications, workflows, and control attestations enabling them to maximize their security arsenal.

There are several advantages to using this suite.

  1. ServiceNow’s GRC modules are designed for convenience. ServiceNow allows organizations to integrate all these GRC modules in their central configuration management database or CMDB – where all useful digital information about hardware and software assets are kept and managed. This link with the central IT hub creates a solid foundation for identifying and evaluating risks and related controls.
  2. ServiceNow GRC suite offers Enterprise Service Management capabilities. Its incredible flexibility makes it easier and simpler to roll out the system even in vast systems and IT infrastructure. Aside from the massive amounts of time and resources saved, this also ensures a smoother implementation of a perfectly configured system.
  3. Each module in the group offers its own unique set of benefits.
    • Policy and Compliance management – offers full control automation ensuring compliance at the micro and macro levels of the organization.
    • Risk Management – automated workflows and risk scoring streamline identification, evaluation, response, and monitoring of risks accurately.
    • Audit Management – automation allows internal audit teams to maximize their productivity by optimizing their resources.

ServiceNow’s GRC creates more streamlined processes of identifying and evaluating risks overall.

ServiceNow GRC Tool

Why Choose Cask

When it comes to the security of your organization, never take any chances. The comprehensive and powerful suite of tools offered by ServiceNow’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance is significantly more effective with the help of the right hands. Work with a team that takes security as seriously as you do and who understands the potential consequences of not being able to deliver.

Cask provides the expertise needed to navigate through the ServiceNow GRC modules and implement them seamlessly in your organization. We have teams of engineers and specialists ready to help build customized solutions and set up seamless automations as part of your risk assessment and management.

At our core, we always aim to enable organizations to fully realize the potential of technology in their operations. We want the companies we work with to maximize their ROI by unlocking more efficient and cost-effective ways of using their suite of digital technologies.

We promise customized and flexible response deliveries depending on the client’s needs and goals. We also prioritize the delivery of real-time and actionable data that can lead to measurable results for your organization.

Give us a call for more information about ServiceNow GRC or any of our other services.

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