Maximize Your ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management

Transform IT from “order taker” to respected business partner with Cask’s proprietary Service Complete™ methodology

Until IT is recognized as a vital business unit in your organization that can effectively manage costs and communicates value, it will be perceived as an “order taker” instead of a trusted and respected business partner who is uniquely positioned to harmonize business and IT priorities and execution plans. Our team of seasoned advisors has been down this order-taking road before. And the experience is what led us to develop our “Service Complete™” methodology to align IT products and offerings into end-to-end “services” that help IT organizations communicate the true impact they can make and the value they’re already delivering. Partner with Cask to leverage deep visioning and road mapping expertise and transform your IT department into a service-oriented organization complete with a ServiceNow service portfolio management process and governance capability.

ServiceNow Service Portfolio Management

Improve service, application, and project investments with Cask’s portfolio management.

Portfolio management in any context is about managing an investment. In the case of IT Business Management, portfolio management is all about understanding the cost, maintenance, and business value of IT services, applications, and projects over their lifetime.

We take pride in our ability to help organizations match investments to objectives and balance risk against performance so you can make better decisions and extend the value of your investments.

With Cask’s help in defining key portfolio elements using ServiceNow Service Portfolio Management, you’ll be capable of monitoring cost, usage, and other data points that will prepare you to make informed decisions and next steps regarding IT investments.

Reliable Service Portfolio Management

Manage the investment, understand the cost

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Cost Management and Transparency

Finally establish a clear IT value proposition for internal customers.

When it comes to cost management in IT, it’s not that IT isn’t truthful in their spending—it’s that IT spending is so hard to gain transparency into that the organizations themselves, much less the businesses they serve, aren’t able to track its impact.

Cask helps IT departments establish a solid value proposition for their internal customers by implementing fit‑for‑purpose ServiceNow capabilities that provide visibility into what’s being spent, where, and why. In addition, ServiceNow’s cost management platform simplifies spending transparency with a dashboard that provides service- and project-level expenditure views.

ServiceNow Cost Management Platform

Track IT spending impact within the business

IT Budget Planning

How to break the cycle of IT budget begging and busting

It’s never fun to feel like you have to beg for funding for your organization year after year in budget planning meetings. Yet, for IT departments that are perceived as low-level taskmasters, that is exactly what ends up happening.

To become trusted business partners, IT departments must become transparent and articulate about the services they provide for the business—not just the technical tasks they do. At Cask, we get IT leaders across the chasm from all the things they must be doing to the things they are doing with the help of carefully-crafted roadmaps, educated assessments, and years of rich experience.

IT Budget Planning by Cask

Stop begging for budget

Project Portfolio Management

Make project management easy with our expertise in ServiceNow PPM.

We enhance the capabilities of your ServiceNow portfolio management platform to gain full visibility of your projects — from conception to execution. From a single place, you can monitor planned and unplanned work to boost productivity and improve service delivery.

The application contains a feature that allows you to create portfolios that aggregate related projects, programs, and demands. Through your platform, you can conduct financial planning and track the progress of your portfolios.

Leverage Your ServiceNow Application and Resolve Project Portfolio Management Challenges
  • Product and service demand shifts
  • Ambiguous statuses of multiple projects
  • Mismanagement of resources

Feature-rich Solutions for Faster Project Delivery

Simplify portfolio planning and management by working from a single platform. Our ServiceNow portfolio management services help you rapidly implement a project management system that aligns with your ServiceNow ecosystem.

We improve your existing ServiceNow tool through the following:
  • Project portfolio – Organize different tasks in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Resource management – Use our platform to get a clearer picture of your resource workload and properly allocate your resources.
  • Demand management – Forecast the demand for your products and services accurately.
  • Agile development – Manage software development through the agile development feature on your ServiceNow platform.
  • Test management – Deliver high-quality services using the test management feature of your application.

ServiceNow PPM

Gain full visibility of your projects

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