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A state governor’s technology office implements SPM



50% schedule reduction for rapid deployment cycle


CMDB completeness

468 demands in pipeline



950 tech resource capacity/availability under management


Lack of visibility into demand

The governor’s technology office for this state government employs 1000 technology resources and supports 22 agencies across the state.

The technology office received demands via multiple siloed sources from many different state agencies. The lack of a single pane of glass impaired visibility. The office had a running list of projects and nice-to-have items from the 22 agencies. But they didn’t have a feasible way to keep track of the ideas and demands outside of projects.

The office needed transparency and visibility into demand and qualification of demand for the project approval board. They also needed insight into the capacity and availability of internal resources for project-based work. In addition, the office faced the license expiration of their PPM application, so they had a hard deadline to replace it.

“The Cask team [knows] what they’re talking about and [helped] us make this a much more efficient department and agency.”

Executive Sponsor



Total portfolio management

With Cask, this office built and implemented the intake, demand, and PPM process to better flow a project through a lifecycle.

Together, they performed discovery workshops and gathered requirements for Idea, Demand, Resource, Time and Project Management. They developed an Idea to Project intake and delivery solution to support operational and project work for the agencies that the technology office supports.

The journey also included training sessions on best and common practices that integrated the more effective of the office’s existing processes with new capabilities.


SPM insights, delivered

The new single pane of glass improved the quality of information gathered. Decision-makers can now act more rapidly and with greater confidence.

The technology PMO has focused visibility into prioritization of work to complete, along with better understanding of whether they have the resources to complete particular projects. The solution also enabled advanced insight into delivery health. For the rapid deployment cycle, the schedule was reduced by 50%.


What is ServiceNow SPM?

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  • Visibility & Transparency
  • Delivery Management
  • Strategic Architecture
  • Business Strategies & Goals
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With ServiceNow SPM solutions delivered by Cask, you can focus on priority investments, understand delivery impacts, and build a lasting partnership between business and IT.

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