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State government streamlines IT operations with application portfolio management



Reduced IT operational costs


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Eliminated redundant applications



Enhanced application lifecycle management


Strategic Portfolio Management: Application Portfolio Management


Serving the community through technology

The client plays a pivotal role in supporting government operations and services to its state’s citizens. With a focus on delivering secure, accessible, and innovative technology solutions, the client ensures the state government can meet its mission of enhancing the quality of life for all residents. This customer success story highlights the client’s commitment to optimizing its application portfolio, reflecting its dedication to efficiency and continuous improvement.

“This was new ground for us but as a state entity, we don't operate like the private sector. Cask was able to pivot the approach to deliver a successful outcome.”

– Client Representative


Addressing the complexity of IT operations

The client faced a considerable challenge in managing its vast IT estate. With nearly 90 percent of the network discovered and maintained within the configuration management database (CMDB) and over 400 applications mapped with ServiceNow Service Mapping, the client needed a strategic approach to further enhance its IT operations. The introduction of ServiceNow’s Application Portfolio Management (APM) presented an opportunity to streamline operations, reduce redundancies, and optimize budgetary spending while minimizing risk.


Implementing a comprehensive APM framework

The client and Cask partnered to establish a foundational APM lifecycle. This collaboration aimed to define services, applications, and other components of the ServiceNow Common Service Data Model, creating an in-platform application inventory. The “teach to fish” approach began with an initial cohort of 10 business applications, enabling the client to expand APM practices across its application landscape. Key solution areas included the following:

  • Manual Application and Mapping: Limited to 10 business applications, this phase established foundational Technology Portfolio elements.
  • Best Practices and Coaching: Cask provided strategic advice on using APM’s walk, run, and fly features, guiding the client toward self-sufficiency.
  • Agile-Based Delivery: Employing Cask’s Value Delivery Methodology integrated with ServiceNow’s implementation approach, the project focused on achieving transformational results through a client-focused team.

By integrating strategic insights and leveraging ServiceNow's capabilities, the client successfully implemented the framework for a dynamic, efficient APM lifecycle, preparing the client for future growth and technological advancements.


Understood our business requirements?


Managed project timeline effectively?


Communicated clearly throughout the project?


Enabled us to manage our ServiceNow applications post-implementation?


Positioned us to achieve our desired business outcomes?


Provided a high level of expertise in implementing our solution(s)?


Cultivating a strategic partnership

The collaboration between Cask and the client was not just about implementing a solution but forming a strategic partnership. This partnership was built on mutual respect, with Cask providing not only the technical expertise necessary for the APM project but also strategic guidance to help the client navigate the complexities of application management.

Cask’s agile and client-focused approach enabled the client to align its IT strategy with organizational goals, demonstrating a shared commitment to success.


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