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Federal agency innovates customer support with CSM transformation


centralized customer support model

Established the client’s first centralized customer support model


change process

Increased transparency into change process



Reduced application complexity and number of outages


CSM: Customer Service Management

Strategic Portfolio Management: Demand Management


A pillar of affordable housing

The client is a federal agency within a major department of the United States federal government. Its mission is to expand affordable housing in the United States by guaranteeing housing loans, thereby lowering financing costs such as interest rates for those loans. Serving this vital role in the housing sector, the client was eager to enhance its operations and service delivery through the use of ServiceNow applications, which set the stage for continued business transformation.

“Excellent and very committed team. We hope to partner with them again in the future.”



the challenge

Overcoming fragmentation in customer service management

With the responsibility of guaranteeing housing loans to expand affordable housing, the client needed a business transformation to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and decision-making capabilities. In particular, the client required help to establish a centralized support desk for issuer operations, enhance process consistency, reduce application complexity, and increase transparency in change processes. The end goal was to achieve improved efficiency and productivity, increased stakeholder and customer satisfaction, and strengthened decision-making through actionable data.

The client struggled with disconnected activities and a lack of standardized procedures, leading to inefficiencies and communication gaps. The need was clear: the client required a comprehensive solution to unify its operations and enhance customer service without escalating labor and system costs. The challenge was significant, but with a well-defined vision and strategic partnership, the organization was ready to embark on this transformative journey.


Leveraging ServiceNow for business transformation

Recognizing the needs, the client and Cask focused on deploying ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) and Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) applications. These tools were aimed at streamlining the client’s operations and unifying its activities. With an emphasis on customer-focused design, the client and Cask developed six unique workflows to manage various business areas, forming the foundation of the client’s first centralized customer support model. As a result, efficiency improved, customer and stakeholder satisfaction increased, and the decision-making process strengthened.

The implementation of these workflows gave the client unparalleled insight into customer challenges, fostering data-driven decision-making. Dashboards were designed for all operational levels, providing each with the necessary insights to perform their roles effectively.

On the employee front, the new system simplified work processes, improved access to information, and ensured prompt notification of new work requests, enhancing the overall employee experience.

By reducing application complexity and aligning procedures across all teams, Cask improved the reliability and maintainability of the client’s ServiceNow applications. This success was reflected in the client’s satisfaction score of 5 out of 5, with commendation for the “excellent and very committed team.”

Cask’s customer-centered approach led to a successful transformation, significantly improving the client’s operations, enhancing stakeholder and customer satisfaction, and delivering better value from the ServiceNow platform. The outcome was a strong foundation for future


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Building a future-proof collaboration

The client’s collaboration with Cask is an example of a successful partnership that goes beyond the project deliverables. Cask not only helped the client implement ServiceNow solutions effectively but also equipped it with the necessary knowledge to manage its applications. Cask’s commitment to understanding the client’s business needs and dedication to managing the timeline and resources required for the project resulted in an exceptional rating from the client. With Cask’s support, the client now looks forward to leveraging more ServiceNow capabilities in the future, indicative of a long-lasting, future-proof partnership.

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