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Health and lifestyle company transforms its software asset management with strategic implementation


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ITAM: Software Asset Management


A premier health and lifestyle brand

The client is a leader in the health and fitness industry, offering a broad range of services that cater to the holistic well-being of its members, including fitness and sports facilities, nutritional products, and wellness programs. With a mission to deliver an exceptional, comprehensive health experience, the client operates numerous centers across the United States. Its commitment to enhancing the health and lifestyle of its members made effective management of its software assets essential, ensuring seamless operations and the continued delivery of high-quality services.

“Cask is willing and able to be flexible and agile in schedule and project timelines.”

– Client Representative


Navigating complex software asset management

The client faced significant challenges in managing its software assets efficiently across its vast organization. The primary hurdles included a lack of visibility into software assets deployed, the inability to make informed purchasing decisions, high software licensing costs, and the need for a streamlined process for end-user software deployments. These challenges not only impeded operational efficiency but also led to increased costs and compliance risks.


Implementing a tailored SAM Pro strategy

The client, partnering with Cask, deployed ServiceNow Software Asset Management Professional (SAM Pro) to address these critical challenges. The implementation project focused on delivering a fully functioning SAM Pro environment tailored to the client’s unique needs. Key components of the solution included the following:

  • Comprehensive software asset tracking: A detailed mapping and tracking system for software assets to improve visibility across the organization
  • Enhanced decision-making tools: Implementation of dashboards and reporting tools to aid in making more informed software purchasing and deployment decisions
  • Cost-reduction strategies: Strategies to reduce software licensing costs through better management and utilization of software assets
  • Streamlined deployment processes: Automation of end-user software deployments to enhance efficiency and user satisfaction

This strategic ITAM approach not only aimed at solving the immediate challenges but also positioned the client for long-term success in managing its software assets.


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Cultivating a flexible and collaborative relationship

The collaboration between the health and wellness company and Cask resulted in a transformative impact on the client’s software asset management processes. By focusing on its own clients’ needs and leveraging Cask’s expertise, the client was able to achieve its desired outcomes, including enhanced visibility, cost savings, and operational efficiencies. This success story exemplifies how strategic partnerships can lead to significant business transformations, making the difficult situation easy for clients.

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