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Global food manufacturer streamlines HR processes with innovative ServiceNow implementation


CMDB go live

3.5 months from project start to go-live for Phase 1


Asset 84@2x

Reduced on/offboarding tickets



Enhanced user experience


HR: Case and Knowledge Management

HR: Employee Center Pro

HR: Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions

HR: HR Service Delivery Integration (with legacy system)

HR: HR Service Management

HR: Virtual Agent Conversations for HR


Commitment to excellence and innovation

The client, a renowned global food manufacturer, has been at the forefront of delivering nutritious and innovative food products to millions worldwide. With a rich history, the company has continually evolved, embracing technological advancements and operational efficiencies to maintain its market-leading position. Its dedication to enhancing operational effectiveness, particularly in HR processes, demonstrates its commitment to employee well-being and organizational excellence, setting the stage for its partnership with Cask in transforming its HR service delivery.

“For Phase 1, we had to remain out-of-box because it was such a tight timeline, yet we were still able to deliver a beautiful, really delightful experience to our end users, even without any configuration or additional work.”

Director of Global HR Technology


the challenge

Unifying ticketing for efficient HR operations

The client faced significant challenges in its HR operations. With a legacy HR system nearing its renewal date, the company grappled with inefficient processes, especially in onboarding and offboarding employees, which was a cumbersome, ticket-heavy task. The system’s inadequacy was compounded by the need to toggle between different platforms for HR and IT issues, leading to duplicated efforts and inadequate reporting capabilities. The client had an ambitious objective to not only invest in a technical upgrade but also develop a transformation in employee experience and operational efficiency.


Tailored ServiceNow HRSD implementation

The client collaborated with Cask to implement ServiceNow’s Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD) module for the food manufacturer in two phases. Phase 1 focused on foundational elements like unified HR and IT portals, language localization, and integration with the legacy system. This phase also included HR Case Management, Knowledge Management, and Reporting and Dashboards—all designed to streamline operations and provide a unified user experience.

Phase 2 took a deeper dive into enhancing the employee journey. It introduced a comprehensive approach to onboarding and offboarding processes, reducing the cumbersome ticketing system significantly. Manager Hub and Virtual Agent were also introduced to further improve the efficiency and experience of HR processes. The focus was on technical implementation and the long-term vision of HR operations, ensuring scalability and adaptability to the future needs of the client.


Collaborative success through shared vision

The partnership between the client and Cask was characterized by mutual understanding and collaboration. The client valued Cask’s ability to grasp its long-term vision and deliver solutions beyond mere technical implementation. The alignment of values and vision was evident in Cask’s approach, focusing not only on the immediate goals but also considering the broader impact on the client’s HR operations in the future. The result was not just a successful implementation but a partnership that the client could rely on for future endeavors.


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