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Elevating customer support: a software management company’s transformation journey


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Increase in support efficiency


Reduced technical deb

Reduction in technical debt


Enhanced end-user experience

Enhanced user experience for agents and customers


Customer Service Management (CSM)


Pioneering software solutions for modern enterprises

The client specializes in providing innovative financial software solutions, helping organizations simplify and elevate their financial processes. Known for its efficiency and user-friendly interfaces, the client aids companies in managing complex financial tasks with precision and ease. This success story highlights the client’s journey with Cask in enhancing its customer service management, a critical component in supporting its mission to deliver exceptional software services.

“Cask challenged us to think through business processes and scale.”
“I don’t see what Cask could have done better.”

– Client Representatives


Addressing technical debt and inefficiency in customer service

The client faced significant challenges with its customer service management (CSM). Previously reliant on another solution and burdened with quick, inefficient implementation, the client grappled with processes far from optimized for its expanding scale. This situation led to an accumulation of technical debt and a pressing need to streamline and enhance its customer support operations.


Tailored CSM implementation and expert guidance

Cask’s involvement marked a turning point for the client as it embarked on a journey toward a more efficient and scalable customer service model. The implementation of ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management module was a crucial step. Key aspects of the solution included the following:

  • Customizing the data model to align with CSM best practices, thereby reducing technical debt
  • Modernizing tools and processes—including Agent Workspace, playbooks, live chat, and knowledge bases—to improve agent and customer experience
  • Establishing a detailed roadmap to bridge the gap between current operations and future goals

Customer satisfaction

Managed project timeline effectively?


Enabled us to manage our ServiceNow applications post-implementation?


Positioned us to achieve our desired business outcomes?


Provided a high level of expertise in implementing our solution(s)?


Fostering collaboration and strategic alignment

Throughout the project, the partnership between the client and Cask was characterized by mutual respect and collaboration. Cask’s role extended beyond technical expertise; it involved guiding the client through strategic decision-making and process refinement. This collaboration ensured that the solution not only met technical requirements but also aligned with the client’s broader business objectives and culture. The engagement with Cask enabled the client to navigate the complexities of CSM implementation effectively while ensuring that the solution was tailored to its unique needs and goals.

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