Generative AI Fuels ServiceNow Vancouver Capabilities

Generative AI Fuels ServiceNow Vancouver Capabilities

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Everyone’s talking about generative AI, and for a good reason. But what if the next big thing is not just generative AI but the innovative ways in which you can integrate it into your ServiceNow applications? The upcoming Vancouver release from ServiceNow is set to level up in the landscape of AI for business applications.

At Cask, we’re excited to share our insights into what ServiceNow’s Vancouver release promises. In an August 3 ServiceNow webinar for developers, Earl Duque, senior developer advocate at ServiceNow, painted an exciting picture of how generative AI is poised to become a game-changer in the ServiceNow platform.

Introducing the Generative AI Controller

Generative AI Controller, a vital part of the Vancouver release, is the catalyst that will empower companies to incorporate generative AI into their applications. Acting as a conduit, it links your instance to a third-party generative AI provider like OpenAI or Azure OpenAI.

Out-of-the-box (OOB) actions include the following:

  • Summarize
  • Generate Content
  • Generic Prompt
  • Q&A for AI Search

With these OOB actions provided, the Controller allows for the expansion of capabilities. Moreover, it comes with built-in moderation checks, protecting your API keys from misuse while enabling seamless expansion of capabilities across the platform.

The Generative AI Controller has also been engineered to permeate the platform. Its usability extends across scripting, Flow Designer, robotic process automation, and workspaces. The Controller is an invaluable tool for developers, creators, and builders, who can leverage its capabilities to bring their generative AI visions to life.

Enhancements in Virtual Agent Designer Integration

ServiceNow’s Vancouver release also introduces advancements in the Virtual Agent Designer UI. Incorporating Generative AI Controller capabilities into its UI, you can simply drag and drop actions into your Virtual Agent Designer flows. This integration enhances functionality while simplifying usage.

A Glimpse into the Future: Text to Code

In an interesting revelation, Chuck Tomasi disclosed a unique feature to watch out for in the Vancouver release: Text to Code. With this, developers can now generate JavaScript from text—a fantastic tool for low-code capability developers or those who need a starting point for coding. The feature provides a preview of the code based on the input, significantly reducing the time to write scripts and, consequently, the time to go-live.

FAQs and Training

To cater to the questions and needs for a better understanding of generative AI capabilities, ServiceNow is planning future webinars, and training materials are on their way. Keep an eye on for upcoming training and resources.

Explore the Power of Generative AI with Vancouver Release

Excited about the Vancouver release? As of August 3, those in the Early Release Program can upgrade their PDI (Personal Developer Instance), explore the documentation, and dive into the world of possibilities offered by generative AI. And remember, the integration with third-party AI models like OpenAI, Google Bard, and others will evolve and improve in the future.

There’s a lot to look forward to with ServiceNow’s Vancouver release. At Cask, we are looking forward to helping our clients harness the power of generative AI to innovate and deliver transformative business solutions.

Looking forward to innovating? Learn more about the Vancouver release by ServiceNow.

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