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A global pharmaceutical leader returns to OOB and transforms IT service management


Enhanced platform stability

Enhanced platform stability and upgradability


change process

Reduced technical debt and support and upgrade costs


Decreased time to resolution

Decreased mean time to resolution (MTTR) for major incidents


ITSM: Incident Management


Harnessing innovation to drive global healthcare

The client, a global pharmaceutical and healthcare leader, is on a mission to support and improve human health worldwide. As an innovative organization, it has invested in the ServiceNow platform to digitize and streamline business processes across multiple functions, including IT service management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM), and HR.

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the challenge

Maintaining out-of-the-box functionality and ensuring knowledge transfer

The client faced increasing challenges with its customized ServiceNow platform. The complexity of the system, growing technical debt, and the need for external support signaled the need to return to out-of-box functionality. Simultaneously, the client aimed to re-internalize ServiceNow expertise, focusing on governance and streamlining processes.

Adding to these issues, the client planned to further digitize and consolidate technology capabilities using additional ServiceNow applications. This required a thorough assessment of the current state and a strategic roadmap.

Further complexity arose with the need for a minimum viable Major Incident Management (MIM) product, ensuring compatibility with a planned platform upgrade, and conducting comprehensive user acceptance training and knowledge transfer to the client’s personnel. Balancing these varied objectives represented a substantial challenge.


Agile teams and strategic deployment

Addressing the client’s challenges, Cask provided a “Functional Agile Team,” tasked to streamline the ServiceNow platform and revert to out-of-the-box functionality, thus simplifying its architecture. Cask’s expertise enabled the client to tackle its technical debt, improving platform manageability and stability.

Simultaneously, Cask focused on empowering the client to reinternalize ServiceNow expertise. This involved imparting best practices on development, governance, and process optimization. The approach strengthened the client’s ability to manage its ServiceNow platform independently and effectively.

Cask also implemented a minimum viable major incident management (MIM) product. This was meticulously done in phases, from collecting and validating requirements, through unit testing, to MIM issue remediation. To ensure the solution was robust, particular attention was given to its compatibility with a planned ServiceNow upgrade.

To foster user adoption and enhance the client’s internal capabilities, Cask conducted comprehensive user acceptance training. This was supplemented with detailed technical and advisory knowledge transfer, facilitating the client’s understanding and management of its revised ServiceNow system.

Finally, Cask also built a forward-thinking MIM proof of concept (POC). It incorporated integrations with key tools such as Zoom, MS Teams, Notify, and Twilio. This innovative approach not only showcased immediate cost and time efficiencies but also paved the way for the client’s robust MVP MIM implementation.


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Building robust relationships beyond solutions

The collaboration between the client and Cask did not merely resolve existing challenges; it laid the groundwork for a sustained partnership. Together, they initiated an additional project. With a focus on reducing technical debt and aligning services with the ServiceNow Common Service Data Model (CSDM) framework, this next phase exemplifies the client’s trust in Cask’s ability to deliver continued innovation. The ongoing relationship showcases a shared vision for scalability, sustainability, and leveraging the latest advancements in IT Service Management.

Collaboration between the client and Cask

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